Technical Buildings

Individual solutions

The safety of technical equipment can quickly become a question of existence. The requirements for a protected, long-term stable but also mobile enclosure are as complex as the technology that is to be accommodated in them.

DENIOS technology containers are customer-specific room solutions, which protect sensitive technology against external influences such as weather, burglary or vandalism and at the same time provide security in the event of internal incidents.

The possibilities for using DENIOS technology containers are numerous. Sensitive radio or emergency power technology is just as secure as corporate IT. However, the possible applications go far beyond the accommodation of sensitive technology.

The spatial system develops a more immediate benefit for the user in everyday life. For example as a test environment of Li-Ion batteries and accumulators. DENIOS technology containers offer not only the necessary safety equipment in the areas of fire and explosion protection - the necessary test technology can also be accommodated directly in the system. The same applies to tasks as sample and analyzer rooms.




Find out about projects completed on behalf of our customers from around the world. In our case studies you will get insights into the tailor-made solutions we offer businesses and how different industries use DENIOS solutions.

Examples of our case studies includes external server rooms, thermotechnology, energy storage and much more.

Service & Maintenance

The protection function of a hazardous substance cabinet or hazardous substance container should also be maintained in the long term. Periodic maintenance is necessary for this and is therefore required by the legislature. DENIOS is guided by this recommendation and submits an annual safety inspection to the products concerned.