Building Options

Construction Options

Walls Non-combustible, FM Approved 2 and 4 Hour Fire Rated designs and some conform to UL Standards
Hinged Doors Two (2) Lockable, Hinged Doors. Available in N/C, F2 and F4
Sliding Doors Two (2) Lockable, Sliding Doors. Available in N/C, F2 and F4 (Cabinets only)
Roll Up Doors 3-hr Fire Rated, Steel Roll Up Door conform to UL Standards
Deflagration (Explosion) Relief Panel- designed to FM Approvals
Insulation Provides R-10 protection
Paint Durable interior epoxy with exterior polysiloxane coating in blue, tan, and white. Custom colors are available

Heating/Cooling/Ventilation Options

Steam Heat Convection and fan forced heating systems
Electric Heat Electric convection and fan forced, both explosion proof and standard industrial designs
Fan Forced Heat Electric fan forced heating system designed for hazardous locations conform to UL Standards
A/C Exterior mounted air conditioner unit for hazardous locations conform to UL Standards
Thermostats NEMA 4X microprocessor-based electronic controller for heating and/or cooling applications Other controllers available depending upon application
Fans Multiple exhaust fan options, depending upon application

Electrical Options

Interior Lighting Electric light designed for hazardous and corrosive environments conform to UL Standards
Exterior Lighting 175-watt mercury vapor light designed for outdoor locations
Electrical Outlet Standard GFCI outlet and explosion proof outlets available
Internal Grounding Kit  

Security Options

Fire Suppression FM Approved ABC Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System & conform to UL Standards
Sprinkler Connections Dry pipe deluge and fuse link head available
Leak Detection Liquid leak detector for hazardous locations conforms to UL Standards
Gas Monitoring Single and Multiple Channel Hazardous Gas Monitoring device
Poly Liners Sumps available with a 20 mil HDPE Poly-Liner
Fiberglass Grating Optional Flooring available in Fiberglass
Shelving Shelving sections comprised of 3 shelves 18” or 24" deep x 36” wide

Color Options

Porcelain White
PC835 (PPG)
Railroad Beige
PC755 (PPG)