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Safety Cans and containers

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Flammable liquids are essential for many industries, but their storage requires a commitment to safety. Look no further than DENIOS for superior safety cans and containers. Our comprehensive selection is designed to meet the strictest regulations and keep your workplace safe. Explore our industry-leading features, discover the right size and style for your needs, and ensure your flammable liquids are stored securely.

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Safeguard Your Workplace with DENIOS Safety Cans and Containers

DENIOS offers a complete line of safety cans and containers prioritizing regulatory compliance and user safety. Our products meet all OSHA and NFPA standards, ensuring safe storage of flammable liquids and minimizing fire risks. These durable safety cans are built to last, constructed from high-quality galvanized or stainless steel with additional protection features like circumferential guard rings. Furthermore, DENIOS safety cans incorporate essential safety features like self-closing lids, pressure relief valves, and flame arresters to promote safe handling and reduce the risk of spills and fires.


Industry-Leading Compliance

Our Safety Cans and Containers meet all OSHA and NFPA standards.

Rest assured your flammable liquids are stored safely and securely, minimizing fire risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Unmatched Durability:

Our containers, manufactured from high-quality galvanized steel or stainless steel, are built to endure even the most demanding environments.

With features like circumferential guard rings [Highlight "circumferential guard rings"] for added protection, you can be confident your safety cans will last.

Enhanced Safety Features

DENIOS safety cans incorporate safety features like self-closing lids, pressure relief valves, and flame arresters.

This ensures safe handling and reduces the risk of spills and fires.


DENIOS understands the need for functionality and choice regarding the safety and storage of flammable and/or corrosive liquids. Their safety cans are designed with space-saving ergonomics, featuring comfortable carrying handles and practical opening sizes for user convenience. You can find the perfect solution in various sizes and styles, from stainless steel cans for precise dispensing to large-capacity tanks for bulk storage. If you have any questions or need help selecting the right can, DENIOS’s team of experts is happy to assist you.

Streamlined Storage Solutions

  • Our safety designs prioritize space efficiency and user convenience.

  • Ergonomic carrying handles and practical opening sizes allow for effortless transportation and use.

Extensive Selection:

  • Explore our comprehensive range of safety can sizes and styles to meet your needs.

  • We offer various options, from stainless steel safety cans for precise dosing to large-capacity safety tanks for substantial storage requirements.

Unsurpassed Customer Support:

  • DENIOS is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

  • Our team of experts is readily available to answer your questions and guide you in selecting the optimal safety solution for your application.


What are safety cans used for?

Safety cans are designed to safely store and handle flammable liquids like gasoline, oil mixtures, and other combustible materials. They are mandatory over traditional plastic gas cans in many workplaces due to their enhanced safety features. Learn more in our Ultimate Guide to Gas Cans

What are the OSHA requirements for safety cans?

OSHA regulations (29 CFR 1926.155(l)) dictate that safety cans must be approved closed containers with a capacity not exceeding 5 gallons. They must also incorporate a flash-arresting screen and a self-closing lid with a spout cover to relieve pressure, ensuring fire exposure. Color coding for specific fuels is another OSHA requirement.

What are some key considerations when choosing safety cans?

Here are some crucial factors to consider when selecting safety cans:

  • Safety Features: Ensure the can has a flame arrester, self-closing lid, and pressure relief mechanism and has undergone 100% leak testing.

  • Approvals: Look for FM-approved cans and UL-listed ones for guaranteed safety and compliance.

  • Size and Capacity: Choose a can size that aligns with your storage requirements.


DENIOS offers various safety can sizes and styles to suit multiple needs. Options range from stainless steel cans for precise dispensing to large-capacity tanks for bulk storage.

Can I use a DOT-approved container instead of a safety can?

OSHA has clarified that DOT-approved 5-gallon or fewer containers are acceptable for flammable liquid storage, use, and handling, provided they are used appropriately. However, proper safety cans offer superior safety features and are recommended for optimal protection.

Where can I find more information about DENIOS safety cans?

For additional details and specifications on our safety can products, browse our comprehensive Denios Magazine. You can also download safety information from our Download Center.

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