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The right container for every application

Our range of tanks and containers

The transport and storage of hazardous substances of all kinds is one of DENIOS' core specialties. For many companies, having an independent fuel supply for vehicles is a great advantage.DENIOS offers practical products for dispensing diesel or petrol with our stationary fuel tank systems. With a capacity of up to 10,000 litres, even larger amounts can be stored at your operating site. As environmental protection is also important, DENIOS offers drive-on filling platforms, so that the filling area from the tank to the vehicle is completely secured.

The advantages for you:

  • High flexibility in operational use

  • Mobile or stationary options

  • Use for fuel, chemicals or as disposal tanks

Mobile tank systems in galvanised steel or plastic are often used by companies in the construction and agricultural industries. Easy to load with a forklift or by crane, the tank system can be transported quickly and easily to the place of use on a flatbed truck. This ensures that work can always continue, because the fuel needed is always available on site. At DENIOS you'll find the right tank system for every purpose:

  • Tank systems for petrol, diesel and chemicals

  • Mobile tank systems

  • Stationary tank systems

In addition, DENIOS offers a wide range of collection containers for the subsequent disposal of residual and waste liquids:

  • Waste oil containers

  • Hazardous materials collection containers

  • Falcon Safety Cans
  • IBC and Drums
  • Thanks and Canisters

These include safe, reliable products used in the day to day handling of chemicals - regardless of whether you're handling the container, or the actual chemical.

DENIOS Hazardous Material Handling Products and Accessories are a collection of products designed for the safe transport, processing, mixing, and dispensing of chemicals.

Lifting & Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Chemical Containers

DENIOS US can provide you with a wide range of dispensing and measurement containers to ensure safe filling and dosing. They are also ideal for transporting smaller amounts of hazardous substances.

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IBC containers are created of the best quality materials. We provide various kinds of IBC totes for your own unique application.

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Chemical Storage Drums

Available in poly and steel, chemical storage drums are ideal for storing liquids and solids. When combined with a clamping ring, you can protect spills and also contamination of the contents.

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Drum and IBC Tote Accessories

There are currently numerous legal regulations governing the storage, transport and handling of chemicals, depending on the hazards they pose. Often stored in drums, these containers not only need to be stored and transported safely, but also handled, filled and dispensed in a safe, contained manner.

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Drum Handling

DENIOS US offers a wide range of devices for drum handling with proven auxiliary means, including lifting and transportation of dangerous goods.

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Gas Cylinder Handling

A gas cylinder is a pressure vessel. It is suitable for storage and transport of pressurized gases. Gas cylinders are almost emblematic of dangerous contents and hazardous substances. When dealing with gas cylinders, there is an obligation to handle, transport and store them safely and legally.

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