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Handling Equipment and Accessories

At DENIOS, we understand the importance of safe and efficient material handling. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of handling equipment and accessories to meet all your facility's needs. Whether you're managing chemicals, gas cylinders, or lithium-ion batteries, DENIOS has the solutions to optimize your workflows and prioritize safety.

Our user-friendly website lets you quickly find the perfect fit for your requirements. Explore our selection of chemical storage containers, drum dollies for effortless transport, secure gas cylinder cages, and advanced BatterySafe™ lithium-ion battery cases. DENIOS products are designed to enhance efficiency and ensure compliance with safety regulations, minimizing risks and creating peace of mind for your operations.

DENIOS Handling Equipment and Accessories

Safety Cans and containers

DENIOS US can provide you with a wide range of dispensing and measurement containers to ensure safe filling and dosing. They are also ideal for transporting smaller amounts of hazardous substances.

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Laboratory Equipment

Your destination for top-quality lab instruments and supplies. From samplers, small container pumps, measuring equipment, spatulas, and dosing equipment.

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lithium-Ion Safety

Secure your lithium-ion batteries throughout their lifecycle with DENIOS. Our BatterySafe™ cases and aluminum containers offer safe transport, storage, and disposal solutions for various industries.

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Heater blankets and Jackets

Heater blankets are a practical and cost-efficient solution for heating individual drums, small containers, gas cylinders, and IBCs. They are designed for easy use and provide adequate heating capabilities, allowing for precise temperature control when needed.

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Drum and IBC Tote Funnel

Stop spills and boost efficiency with DENIOS' eco-friendly funnels for IBC totes, drums, and more. Find the perfect size and material for your needs, making filling containers a breeze for your team.

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Drum Lifting Equipment

Our range of drum lifters is engineered to ensure the effortless and secure lifting of drums of various sizes to various heights, boosting process efficiency and enhancing personnel safety in industrial settings.

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Spill Carts

Stop spills and leaks in their tracks with our US-made spill containment carts. Designed for various containers and liquids, these DENIOS carts offer leakproof protection, easy cleanup, and unmatched safety for your workplace.

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Gas Cylinder Handling

A gas cylinder is a pressure vessel suitable for storing and transporting pressurized gases. Gas cylinders are almost emblematic of dangerous contents and hazardous substances. Find here options for handling your gas cylinder storage.

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Secure Your Facility: Handling Equipment & Accessories

Chemical Storage Solutions: Containers, Drums & IBC Totes

Whether you need secure storage for industrial chemicals, hazardous liquids, or everyday materials, DENIOS offers a comprehensive selection of chemical storage solutions. Our chemical storage containers, drums, and IBC totes come in various sizes and materials to suit your needs. All our containers are manufactured with high-quality, durable materials that comply with industry regulations and ensure safe storage and handling. Many of our options feature spill containment designs and corrosion resistance for an extra layer of protection.

Streamline Operations: Drum & IBC Tote Accessories

From maneuverable drum dollies for effortless transport to precise funnels for mess-free pouring, our drum accessories streamline your workflow and boost efficiency. We also offer various IBC tote accessories, including secure closures, dust caps to prevent contamination, and level gauges to monitor contents easily.

Incorporating these essential drum and IBC tote accessories ensures a safer, more efficient, and more productive work environment.

Optimize your chemical container handling operations with our product selection of accessories:

  • Drum & IBC Funnels
  • Drum Pump
  • IBC and Drum Heater
  • Drum Mixers
  • Grounding and Bonding Cables
  • Drum Openers, Deheaders, and Tools
  • Flow Meters
  • Samplers
  • Samplers
  • Drum Faucet and Valves

Conquer Any Load: Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment

Ensuring the safe handling of gas cylinders is paramount in any workplace. DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of solutions to address this critical need. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Gas Cylinder Carts and Dollies: These mobile units, available in metal or plastic, allow for effortless transport of gas cylinders between workstations without the risk of heavy lifting or back strain.

  • Gas Cylinder Lifting Equipment: Our user-friendly lifters enable the safe and efficient raising and transporting of cylinders while adhering to the highest safety standards.

  • Gas Cylinder Stands and Racks: DENIOS provides secure storage solutions for both stationary use and forklift transport. Sturdy chains or straps keep cylinders firmly in place, offering extra safety and support.

By incorporating these DENIOS gas handling solutions, you can ensure compliance with safety regulations, minimize risks associated with cylinder movement, and promote a safer work environment for your employees.

The Hidden Dangers of Gas Cylinders: Why Safe Handling Matters

While essential for many industrial processes, gas cylinders can pose significant hazards if mishandled. Common causes of accidents include:

  • Improper transportation or storage

  • Damage to the cylinder itself

  • Lack of training or knowledge on safe handling procedures

  • Incorrect connection or use of the gas

  • Failure to follow established safety protocols

  • Removing the valve protection cap

The valve is the weakest point of a gas cylinder, and a damaged or unprotected valve can lead to a pressurized gas release, potentially turning the cylinder into a dangerous projectile. DENIOS prioritizes safety in every step of the gas handling process. Our comprehensive product range and commitment to quality empower you to mitigate these risks and confidently handle gas cylinders.

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FAQs: Handling Equipment & Accessories Explained

What is material handling equipment?

Material handling equipment moves, stores, or controls materials within a facility. This can include a wide range of products, from simple hand trucks to complex automated systems.

What is an example of specialized material handling equipment?

Specialized material handling equipment is designed for specific tasks or industries. Examples include vacuum lifters for handling fragile objects, tilt trucks for pouring liquids, and explosion-proof equipment for hazardous materials.

Which of the following is an example of manual material handling equipment?

Manual material handling equipment is operated by hand or human power. Examples include pallet jacks, hand trucks, and shovels.

Who is responsible for the safe operation of material handling equipment?

Employers are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of material-handling equipment. This includes providing operators with training, conducting regular inspections, and maintaining equipment in good working order.

What are the main types of material handling equipment?

The main types of material handling equipment include drum carts and dollies, lifting and tilting equipment, IBC and drum funnels, pumps, heaters, mixers, and gas cylinder lifters and trucks.

How do you handle heavy equipment?

Handling heavy equipment involves proper training to understand the equipment's capacity and operation. Before lifting, plan the route and ensure a clear path. Use designated lifting points on the equipment and operate the lifting machinery smoothly to avoid jerks. Always prioritize safety and never overload the equipment.

What is an example of material handling equipment?

Material handling equipment comes in many forms, from simple tools like hand trucks and dollies to complex machinery like forklifts and conveyor belts. Even a basic shovel can be considered material handling equipment!

How does OSHA Define heavy equipment?

OSHA doesn't have a single definition, but its regulations focus on the safe operation of powerful machinery. This includes equipment like cranes, forklifts, and anything that poses a significant risk if improperly handled.

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