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Drum Handling

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With over 35 years of expertise in the field, DENIOS is well-versed in the safe handling of drums and has been a reliable provider of material handling equipment for chemicals. They offer various tried-and-tested auxiliary means for securely transporting hazardous goods, ensuring compliance and safety.

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Drum Handling

Drum Handling

DENIOS offers a wide range of devices for drum handling with proven auxiliary means, including lifting and transportation of dangerous goods:

DENIOS offers a wide range of drum carts and dollies to meet individual needs when storing and transporting hazardous materials in drums. Please choose from our extensive product range, including specialized oil drum carts for gas bottles and cylinders. Our drum carts are designed to lift and transport containers in both upright and horizontal positions, accommodating various barrel types weighing up to 1100 lbs. Equipped with advanced features such as gas springs, tilting mechanisms, and lever rods, they provide efficient and convenient handling solutions.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

DENIOS US provides a comprehensive range of devices and auxiliary means for efficient drum handling, including the lifting and transporting dangerous goods. Please choose from our extensive selection of drum carts and dollies to find the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Our offerings include oil drum carts designed for transporting gas bottles and cylinders and versatile drum carts capable of lifting and transporting containers in various positions. These carts are suitable for all barrel types weighing up to 1100 lbs. and feature advanced functionalities like gas springs, tilting mechanisms, and lever rods. Additionally, our product range encompasses a variety of drum and container carts, as well as tipper carts, to cater to different handling requirements. For those seeking safe and easy transportation of heavy drums, DENIOS US offers a range of forklift truck attachments such as drum turners, drum lifters, and drum grippers. These attachments are designed to be compatible with forklift trucks, providing efficient and secure drum-handling solutions tailored to your application needs.

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