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Are you struggling to safely and efficiently transfer liquids from drums in your workplace? DENIOS has the solution! We offer a premium selection of drum pumps, including manual, electric, and pneumatic options, designed to meet the demands of various applications. Whether handling hazardous liquids, chemicals, oils, or everyday fluids, DENIOS drum pumps ensure safe, controlled dispensing and maximize efficiency in your operations. Explore our comprehensive range below to find the perfect pump for your needs and discover how DENIOS can revolutionize your liquid transfer processes.

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DENIOS Drum Pumps: Safe & Efficient Dispensing for Every Application

The Right Drum Pump for Every Need

Eliminate spills and ensure safe, efficient liquid transfer with DENIOS Drum Pumps! We offer various drum pumps, including manual, electric, and pneumatic pumps, to perfectly match your specific needs and applications. Whether you're handling hazardous liquids, chemicals, oils, or other substances, DENIOS has the ideal solution.

Unmatched Versatility: DENIOS drum pumps are designed for exceptional versatility. Our pumps can handle liquids of various viscosities, from low-viscosity mineral oils to high-viscosity substances like coolants or adhesives. We also provide application-specific pumps for various media groups, including:

  • Acids & alkalis

  • Fuels & oils

  • Solvents & paints

  • High-viscosity substances (including solids-containing media)

  • Foodstuffs

The right pump for every viscosity

DENIOS manual drum pumps allow safe dispensing, pumping, and transferring of liquids from drums and barrels, even in hazardous areas.

Liquids are highly variable in their viscosity (toughness) or chemical properties. Thanks to our wide range, we have the right pump for every viscosity. The medium or container does not matter: at DENIOS you can find the right pump perfectly tailored to the supporting medium. This ensures a long service life and reliable pumping performance.

Adapters allow for the exact fitting of bungs. Stainless steel hand pumps will enable you to safely pump flammable liquids or chemicals. Polypropylene pumps are resistant to weak acids, alkalis, and cleaning agents. Earth cables with Atex approval prevent any risk of explosion through static build-up and are available as separate accessories.

What are pumps used for?

It is often necessary to make a tailor-made filling of hazardous substances - for example, from a large container into a smaller one. Especially with large containers, it is impossible to tilt the drum without risking a spill.

We are happy to help you!

You can get personalized guidance and service delivered right to you. Our sales reps are dedicated to meeting your needs with exceptional care—benefit from our range of service options, including phone, mail, or in-person assistance.

Professional guidance 1-877-388-0187

The Right Pump for Applications Across Industries

Prioritizing Safety & Efficiency: At DENIOS, safety is our top priority. Our drum pumps are equipped with features to ensure safe and efficient operation, including:

  • Stainless steel construction for pumps handling flammable liquids or chemicals

  • Earth cables with ATEX approval to prevent static build-up and potential explosions

  • Adapters for a secure fit on various drum bung sizes

Applications Across Industries: DENIOS drum pumps are a valuable asset for various industries. They are ideal for applications in:

  • Chemical processing

  • Petrochemical production

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Food & beverage processing

  • Manufacturing

  • And many more!

DENIOS Drum Pumps: Optimized for Hazardous Substances & Diverse Applications:

Depending on the requirements, the pumps are optimized for different hazardous substances and are available in various designs. Whether it is for a drum or container, if you require an electric drum pump or compressed air pump, a standard pump configuration, or explosion protection, our pumps are always suited for the viscosity of the stored product and the handling of aggressive materials, with the correct pump all your workplace applications are covered.

The DENIOS range is adapted to the needs of industrial customers and includes:

  • Laboratory pumps for filling small quantities of acids and alkalis, battery-operated and electrically operated pumps

  • Drum and container pumps

  • Double diaphragm pumps for acids and alkalis in "rough" industrial applications, single or complete as a set for 200-liter drums

  • 1000-liter IBCs Mixing pumps for media that are particularly prone to sedimentation (deposition on the ground, for example): First mix, then pump - with the same device

  • Drum and container pumps and double diaphragm pumps, especially for the mineral oil sector, are available individually or in a complete set. If required, also with flow meter.

  • Filling in hazardous areas pumps with electric or compressed air operated drive—optional pumping stations with optimum emptying.

  • Double diaphragm pumps and flow meters for hazardous areas

  • Large-capacity container pumps, dry-run centrifugal pumps for emptying the floor drain


Adapters allow for the exact fitting of bungs. Stainless steel hand pumps will enable you to pump flammable liquids or chemicals safely. Polypropylene pumps are resistant to weak acids, alkalis, and cleaning agents. Earth cables with Atex approval prevent any risk of explosion through static build-up and are available as separate accessories.

Shop DENIOS Drum Pumps Today! Find the perfect drum pump to streamline your liquid transfer processes and ensure workplace safety. Browse our selection online or contact us today for expert assistance.

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