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IBC Spill Pallets

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DENIOS US is renowned in the Spill Containment Pallets and Sumps industry, which provides both compliant containment and long-term durability. With a diverse range of sump capacities, their poly spill pallets are specifically designed to handle aggressive chemicals and meet all regulatory standards safely.

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IBC Spill Pallets

IBC Spill containment with heavy gauge steel

DENIOS offers a range of spill sumps, pallets, and IBCs made of galvanized and painted steel to address the safe and convenient storage of oils or paints in various locations within a company. These solutions ensure the security of storing flammable and water-polluting substances. DENIOS provides a wide selection of steel drip trays suitable for different storage volumes, ranging from 1-drum storage to accommodating twelve 55-gallon drums. They also offer pallets designed for one IBC up to eight IBCs.

Including forklift, pockets ensures mobility, while the drip tray can be quickly and safely utilized. Steel trays can be placed on pallets or used for ground-level storage, and containers can be placed directly in the drip tray or grate, depending on the chosen model.

Poly or Steel IBC Tote Sumps

Poly spill pallets and sumps are ideal for the secondary containment of acids and corrosives, offering a cost-effective alternative to steel options. However, they are unsuitable for storing flammable chemicals or fire-prone environments. These solutions effectively safeguard against groundwater contamination and are a reliable backup when primary containment fails.

DENIOS addresses the safe and convenient storage of oils and paints, often required in different company areas. Their range of galvanized and painted steel spill sumps, pallets, and IBCs provide secure storage solutions for flammable and water-polluting substances, ensuring regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

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