Fire Rated Cabinets

Fire Rated Cabinets

When storing flammable liquids a DENIOS flammable storage cabinet is the ideal solution. Available in a variety of widths and sizes with versatile features which include height-adjustable shelves, slide out spill trays and an integrated exhaust air system, our flammable storage cabinets can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

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Indoor Fire Rated Cabinets

Safe and approved storage of flammable hazardous substances in working areas. 

  • 90 and 30 Minute Fire Rating 
  • Available in roughly 3 foot or 4 foot wide storage space
  • Body color Anthracite Gray, with wing door(s) in Warning Yellow
  • Interior equipment includes 3 shelves, 1 perforated insert, 1 bottom spill sump (sheet steel powder-coated)
  • Metal-free interior equipment
  • Ideal for the storage of flammable, aggressive hazardous substances
  • Tray shelves with chemical resistant surface lamination and removable plastic sump, bottom collecting plastic sump

Function / Construction:

  • Robust construction and longevity: triple hinged door; cabinet body made of melamine resin and flame retardant special plates; safety elements assembled outside the storage compartment for increased protection against corrosion; doors with metal front as well as scratch-and impact-resistant surface; easy to clean
  • Easy handling with comfort: door stops in any position, self-closing in the event of fire
  • Lockable doors
  • Easy transport: integrated transport base with removable, optional base cover or adjusting aids with base cover
  • Easy alignment: adjusting aids to compensate for uneven floor 
  • Ventilation: integrated air ducts

Available Equipment – Contact Factory for Details

  • Shelves with load capacity of 210 lbs
  • Mechanical ventilation system
  • High storage drawers, ideal for small containers
  • Height adjustable shelves (1.25 inch increments), with roughly 1 inch upstand