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Fire Rated Cabinets

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Welcome to Denios, your trusted destination for safety and compliance solutions. The asecos fire-rated cabinets are the pinnacle solution for storing flammable liquids and hazardous substances, ensuring utmost safety in various work environments.

Designed to meet diverse needs, asecos fireproof safety cabinets offer versatile features, including adjustable shelves, spill trays, and robust construction, delivering unparalleled protection against potential risks associated with flammable materials. With 90 and 30-minute fire ratings, our cabinets guarantee secure storage while adhering to stringent safety standards.

At Denios, we prioritize safety without compromising on functionality. The asecos cabinets, also known as fire-resistant lockers, are available in multiple widths and sizes, feature FM-approved designs, and meet the highest industry standards. The anthracite gray body color, complemented by warning yellow wing doors, signifies our commitment to durability and visibility in hazardous material storage.

Explore our range of safety cabinets beyond fire-rated options, including chemical storage cabinets tailored for various substances. Our cabinets cater to diverse industrial needs, from acid and paint storage to dispensing solutions, ensuring compliance and safety across warehouses, laboratories, and workplaces.

Count on Denios for top-tier storage solutions and expert assistance from consultation to installation, ensuring your specific requirements are met with precision and confidence.

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Features of asecos Fire-Rated Cabinets

Critical Differences: Type 30 vs. Type 90 Fire-Rated Cabinets & Their Lifesaving Impact

Fire-rated cabinets, precisely Type 30 and Type 90, are crucial for safeguarding flammable materials during fires. Type 90 cabinets, compliant with EN 14470-1, offer enhanced protection for 90 minutes, while Type 30 provides 30 minutes of fire resistance. These asecos cabinets undergo rigorous testing, meeting FM Global (asecos models Q90 and Q30), UL/ULC (asecos models Q90, Q30 and UB90), OSHA, and NFPA standards, ensuring reliability and safety.

Type 90 cabinets significantly extend evacuation time, vital for safe exits and firefighting efforts. In contrast, standard sheet steel cabinets fail within 10 minutes, escalating fire risks and hindering evacuations, especially in high-risk areas like hospitals and laboratories. Investing in Type 90 cabinets ensures prolonged safety, allowing emergency services to focus on fire control and rescue, minimizing risks during fire incidents.

Advantages of asecos Certified Fire-Rated Safety Cabinets for Flammable Substances

Enhanced Safety Through Certified Fire-Rated Cabinets

Installing a certified fire-rated safety cabinet like asecos' provides a secure, compliant solution for storing flammable substances. Utilizing these cabinets ensures legal adherence while safely housing paints, varnishes, oils, and more. These cabinets meet fire and explosion protection requirements, allow decentralized storage, reduce transport risks, and optimize workplace safety.

Offering 90 and 30-minute fire ratings, these cabinets function equivalently to permanent buildings, affording crucial time for evacuation and firefighting responses. Tailored with options like drawers, self-closing doors, and chemical-resistant coatings, asecos cabinets prioritize safety and durability. Robust construction and features like integrated ventilation guarantee functionality and compliance, ensuring the utmost protection for hazardous materials.

Key Features of a Certified asecos Fire-Rated Flammable Cabinet

  • FM 6050 and UL/ULC Listing for certified safety
  • UL/ULC listing on models Q30, Q90 and UB90
  • 90-minute EN 14470-1 tested protection for flammable liquids
  • Minimized fire risk, safeguarding storage containers
  • Robust construction with triple-hinged, corrosion-resistant doors
  • Scratch- and impact-resistant surface, easy to clean
  • Anthracite Gray body, Warning Yellow wing doors for visibility
  • Self-sealing, self-closing doors for absolute fire protection
  • Integrated transport base for convenient in-house movement
  • Ready-to-connect air ducts for technical exhaust systems
  • Standard interior equipment: 3 tray shelves, 1 perforated insert, 1 powder-coated bottom collecting sump; shipping included in retail price


Discover the critical pitfalls in fire protection cabinet purchases with DENIOS' free whitepaper. Avoid costly errors and learn about key structural differences between steel and fire protection cabinets. Understand legal regulations and installation specifics for various cabinet types to make informed, cost-effective investments

Invest wisely with DENIOS' free whitepaper highlighting the 5 common pitfalls in fire protection cabinet purchases. Learn to sidestep costly errors, grasp crucial structural disparities between steel and fire protection cabinets, and navigate legal regulations and installation conditions for diverse cabinet types. Gain invaluable insights to make informed, cost-effective investments that ensure optimal safety and compliance in handling hazardous materials.

asecos Safety cabinets with FM fire resistance

FM Certification for Fire Safety Cabinets: Aligning with NFPA and OSHA Standards

FM certification, conducted by a recognized American body, rigorously tests materials designed to store and handle hazardous products safely. This validation extends to fire safety cabinets, assessed based on NFPA and OSHA standards to ensure utmost safety and compliance.

The criteria for FM-certified cabinets:

  • Double wall construction with a minimum of 1.5-inch spacing

  • 2-point locking doors

  • Integrated drip tray with a depth of at least 2 inches

  • Ventilation slots with flame arrestor

  • Possibility of earthing

  • The temperature inside the enclosure shall not exceed 325°F during the 10 minute fire test. All joints, welds, and doors must remain in place.

Smaller sized flammable safety cabinets

Our under-cabinet fire-rated cabinets are ideal for reduced-height locations needing a compact fire-rated safety cabinet. It suits spaces like beneath worktops or extractor hoods with external dimensions of 47.3 x 22.6 x 23.6 inches (W x D x H).

This cabinet maintains standard features of larger versions, including floor retention trays, adjustable shelf trays, automatic door locks, and optional extras like door locking systems, PE overlay trays, or additional shelves. The G-1200-F accommodates small to medium storage needs effectively.

Other Safety Storage Cabinet Options

DENIOS Inc. boasts a diverse range beyond flammable storage cabinets, featuring specialized safety solutions like acid, dispensing, and paint storage cabinets. These cater to hazardous materials in warehouses, stores, and laboratories and are geared towards saving you money and time while keeping everyone safe.

  • Lithium-Ion Cabinets
  • Poly Cabinets
  • Flammable Safety Cabinets
  • Corrosive Cabinets

Our chemical storage solutions extend to greases, oils, and diverse chemicals, offering bundled pallets, spill trays, and custom cabinets. Additionally, we provide tailored solutions for hazardous materials storage, air technology, safety rooms, and Thermo technology, meeting complex multinational needs.

Our adept team engages customers in consultation, assessment, and seamless installation, ensuring confidence and comprehensive assistance.

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