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Manual Barriers

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Manual Barriers that aloud the retention of polluting liquids in a fast and efficient way. The manual containment barriers allow the retention of polluting liquids simply and effectively at a low economic cost.

We have a wide variety of models adapted to your needs and depending on the final choice of the type of barrier, it is recommended to a greater or lesser extent for warehouses with few pedestrian or vehicle doors to protect and indoors where there is not excessive movement of people. or vehicles so that their position is always horizontal and avoid possible leaks. The issue of safety is one of the fundamental pillars of the design of our barriers and it is always recommended to leave the barriers in a horizontal position at all times and during periods of inactivity.

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Manual Containment Barriers

Retention of polluting liquids in a fast and efficient way

Suppose a leak of liquid hazardous substances, such as in a warehouse, swiveling and plug-in fluid barriers step up to provide robust protection. Whether it's a fire breakout or a malfunction, these barriers halt the spread of substances that could pollute water, ensuring the nearby area stays safe. And when it comes to facing floods, these barriers prove their mettle, offering a flexible and adaptable solution.

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