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Secondary Spill Containment

At DENIOS, we are industry leaders dedicated to providing top-tier spill containment solutions, primarily focusing on secondary spill containment. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our diverse range of products, including drum spill containment, containment berms, spill decking, racking and shelving, and dispensing stations. Whether you need to store one drum or hundreds, from drums to IBCs, our spill containment pallets, available in both steel and poly, offer a wide range of solutions for the safe and secure storage of clean and waste oils, fuels, chemicals, and other hazardous liquids, all tailor-made for industrial use. Trust us to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the OSHA requirements for secondary containment, ensuring safety and compliance at every step.

Products for secondary spill containment

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In a world where the importance of safety is paramount, complying with OSHA requirements for secondary containment is crucial. The legislation emphasizes the significance of storing hazardous substances significantly when chemical quantities exceed daily requirements. DENIOS, your trusted partner in hazardous materials management, offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including drum spill containment, dispensing stations, containment berms, spill decking, and racking and shelving. We understand the legal and technical specifications for indoor and outdoor storage of hazardous substances. Our mission is to provide the proper hazardous materials storage solutions customized to your company's unique needs and spatial constraints.

 Your advantages:

  • Extensive product range for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fire, chemical, and weather-resistant solutions
  • Flexible accessory options with fully assembled delivery

When safeguarding your workplace and complying with OSHA requirements for secondary containment, DENIOS stands as your trusted partner. We offer a diverse selection of spill containment pallets, each tailored to your unique needs. These pallets, available in acid- and alkali-resistant plastic or fireproof metal, adapt to the specific chemicals you're storing. With the ability to fit under a forklift or pallet truck, our solutions offer not only security but also the freedom of mobility during operations.

But that's not all. When dealing with outdoor storage of hazardous materials, it's about more than containment. It's about weathering the elements. DENIOS goes above and beyond with a product line from small yet sturdy polymer boxes for modest quantities to expansive steel containers and capacious outdoor hazardous materials storage areas, complete with covered intermediate zones. The design choice depends on the hazardous substances in your warehouse and, of course, the ever-important safety distances. With DENIOS, you get secure, compliant, and weather-protected hazardous materials storage, all in one package.

Essentially, we're not just providing storage solutions; we're the custodians of your safety and peace of mind. With DENIOS, you've got it contained, wherever and whatever it may be.

Our product range

Drum spill containment

DENIOS takes pride in crafting various products, all of which prioritize secondary spill containment and drum spill containment. Our commitment to safety and compliance shines through in each item we manufacture. Whether you opt for steel or poly drums, we've got you covered. Our Drum Pallets, Sumps, enclosures and dispensing stations are all designed with base sump volumes that meet or exceed spill-compliant requirements. We understand the need to accommodate drums of various sizes and capacities. Still, we prioritize efficiency by basing our sump volumes on storing 55-gallon drums, the most commonly used industrial drum in the US. With DENIOS, you can trust that your spill containment needs are met and exceeded.

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Containment Berms and Spill Decking

When dealing with storing hazardous liquids, we understand the importance of secondary spill containment. That's why DENIOS offers comprehensive solutions to safeguard your workspace. Our lineup includes robust containment berms and spill barriers that provide a first line of defense against unwanted leaks, drips, spills, and sprays. Our options encompass versatile spill decks, convenient snap-up berms, efficient spill trays, and dependable concrete berms. You can choose steel and poly materials, each tailored to meet your needs. Our steel spill decking is crafted from heavy gauge galvanized steel, offering unwavering strength and durability. Meanwhile, our poly spill decking boasts high resistance to acids, alkalis, and oils, and it's available with either galvanized or PE grids.

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IBC Spill Containment

DENIOS is dedicated to delivering diverse products that place the utmost importance on secondary spill containment designed explicitly for IBC totes. Our range includes state-of-the-art IBC spill pallets, reliable IBC Tote stands, and dispensing stations, all finely crafted with safety and compliance in mind. Whether your preference leans toward robust steel or versatile poly options, we have you covered. With DENIOS, you can trust our unwavering dedication to fulfilling your secondary spill containment needs for IBC totes. Safety, compliance, and excellence are at the core of everything we craft, ensuring you have the peace of mind you deserve.

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Racking and Shelving

Elevate your safety with DENIOS' comprehensive range of solutions, specially designed to prioritize secondary spill containment. Our versatile selection includes dedicated drum storage racking, IBC racking systems, and practical pallet rack sumps and inserts, all engineered for optimal containment. Our containment shelving is tailored to accommodate small containers, ensuring your hazardous materials are securely stored while minimizing the risk of leaks, spills, and drips. These systems offer peace of mind, allowing you to focus on storing and dispensing hazardous materials without worrying about potential spills. At DENIOS, safety and compliance are at the heart of everything we do, and our solutions are a testament to that commitment. Choose us for a workplace that's not only secure but also efficient and hassle-free.

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What is the difference between primary and secondary spill containment?

Primary containment is the primary vessel for holding hazardous substances during regular operations. Its purpose is to enclose the substance securely, preventing any spillage or leakage under normal circumstances.

In contrast, secondary containment is a backup measure to manage spills or leaks that occur if the primary containment fails. Unlike primary containers, secondary containment units are not consistently filled with the substance; they're explicitly designed as a protective barrier in case of emergencies.

While the distinction between primary and secondary containment is usually straightforward, specific solutions can serve dual purposes. For example, membranes may line a container, such as a transformer or tank, as secondary containment. However, when used to line a pond for fracking water or wastewater, that same membrane functions as primary containment. The functionality of these solutions adapts based on their specific application and context.

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