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Our manufacturer brands at a glance

As a developer and manufacturer, we know that the requirements of our customers are very different. It is not only the type and quantity of the hazardous substance to be stored that are decisive in choosing the right spill pallet - but that price, performance and equipment options also play a big role.

In order to guarantee you the best solution for your operational tasks, we have completely revised our spill pallet range and now present our new brand concept. In addition to greater transparency in your decision-making process, these offer tailor-made product ranges for a wide variety of customer needs - from start-ups to large corporations.

base-line by DENIOS

Do you want to store hazardous materials in compliance with the law AND at the lowest possible price?

Above all, it is a concern of start-up companies that their obligations are fulfilled.

These companies are ideally suited to the DENIOS 'base-line' range of spill pallets, providing a secure entry into the world of hazardous materials storage: with simple, solid, and safe products you can rely on - and at a reasonable price.

base-line by DENIOS

  • The basic selection ensures your safety

  • Optimum price & performance

  • Available immediately

classic-line by DENIOS

Are you looking for the next step in hazmat storage and handling?

Companies that deal with hazardous substances frequently place high demands on their storage facilities. They want to choose practical, high-quality products from a wide range, which offer them spill pallets that are perfectly matched to the storage of different containers. Additional requirements, for example, for transport and filling operations, should therefore be met. These products are in the classic-line: tried and tested classics from DENIOS.

classic-line by DENIOS

  • Solutions for every application

  • Proven quality

  • 5-year guarantee

pro-line by DENIOS

Are you looking for the most advanced in pallet technology?

Many of our customers are looking for innovative products with many extras that offer them added safety and comfort in daily operations. With the pro-line, you get spill pallets that do more. The most modern constructions and innovative features are rounded off by the highest product and service quality and long service life. We promise you and provide an extended manufacturer's warranty on pro-line spill pallets.

pro-line by DENIOS

  • Highest levels of quality for products and service

  • EXTRA safety and ease of use

  • 10-year warranty

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