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Dispensing containers

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Struggling with messy spills, inconsistent application, or wasted product when handling liquids? DENIOS Dispensing Containers offer a solution. Explore our range of high-quality containers designed to streamline liquid handling, enhance safety, and boost efficiency across industries. From hazardous chemicals to everyday cleaning solutions, we have the perfect dispensing container for you, featuring measured chambers, controlled dispensing mechanisms, and flame arresters for hazardous liquids. Revolutionize your liquid handling with DENIOS—discover precision, control, and efficiency below.

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Dispensing liquids can be messy and hazardous, but DENIOS offers a controlled and efficient solution with its comprehensive line of dispensing containers, including yellow and steel safety cans. Safety is paramount with features like flame arresters and pressure relief valves, ensuring secure handling of flammable or hazardous materials. From precise dosing with measured chambers to versatile options for any application, DENIOS provides the tools to keep your liquids under control across industries like automotive, manufacturing, laboratories, food service, and janitorial maintenance. In the subsequent sections, we'll delve into the safety features, precise dosing mechanisms, versatility, and applications of DENIOS Dispensing Containers. We will address frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions for your liquid handling needs.


DENIOS ensures safety by dispensing safety cans featuring flame arresters and pressure relief valves. In contrast, precision dosing options like bottles with measured chambers or pump mechanisms ensure the accurate application of chemicals and lubricants. With a wide range of container sizes, materials, and dispensing mechanisms, DENIOS offers versatility to suit any application, providing secure and controlled handling of liquids.

  • Safety First: Our dispensing safety cans are ideal for flammable liquids or hazardous materials. These containers feature flame arresters, pressure relief valves, and ergonomic handles for secure, controlled dispensing.

  • Precision Dosing: For controlled application of smaller volumes, consider our dispensing bottles with measured chambers or pump mechanisms. These options are perfect for measured application of chemicals, solvents, lubricants, and more.

  • Versatility at Your Fingertips: DENIOS offers a wide range of container sizes, materials, and dispensing mechanisms to suit any application.

From plastic dispenser bottles with pumps to spray bottles and dispenser jugs, we have a suitable container to keep your liquids under control.


DENIOS Fine Dosing Containers are designed to optimize efficiency in various sectors. In automotive settings, they enable precise lubrication of parts and measured application of cleaners and degreasers. In manufacturing, these containers facilitate controlled dispensing of adhesives, solvents, and industrial chemicals. Laboratories benefit from the safe and accurate dispensing of reagents, solvents, and other liquid chemicals. At the same time, the food service industry can rely on them for the measured application of oils, syrups, and cleaning solutions. Additionally, in janitorial and maintenance tasks, DENIOS Fine Dosing Containers ensure controlled usage of cleaning solutions, disinfectants, and lubricants, streamlining operations across diverse fields.

  • Automotive: Precise lubrication of parts, measured application of cleaners and degreasers.

  • Manufacturing: Controlled dispensing of adhesives, solvents, and industrial chemicals.

  • Laboratories: Safe and accurate dispensing of reagents, solvents, and other liquid chemicals.

  • Food Service: Measured application of oils, syrups, and cleaning solutions.

  • Janitorial and Maintenance: Controlled use of cleaning solutions, disinfectants, and lubricants.


What are the benefits of using dispensing containers?

Dispensing containers offer several advantages over traditional methods like pouring or using unsealed containers. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Dispensing containers minimize spills and exposure to hazardous liquids, especially with features like flame arresters and controlled dispensing mechanisms.

  • Improved Accuracy: Measured dispensing allows for precise application, reducing waste and ensuring consistent results.

  • Increased Efficiency: Dispensing containers save time and effort compared to pouring or using funnels.

  • Reduced Mess: Controlled dispensing minimizes spills and drips, keeping your workspace clean and organized.

  • Better Organization: Dispensing containers can be labeled for easy identification and content management.

What factors should I consider when choosing a dispensing container?

The ideal dispensing container depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of liquid: Consider the liquid's viscosity, compatibility with the container material, and hazardous properties.

  • Desired application: Consider the volume of liquid needed per use and the dispensing method (spraying, pouring, measured dosing).

  • Safety requirements: Choose a container with safety features like flame arresters and pressure relief valves for flammable or hazardous liquids.

  • Work environment: Consider factors like space constraints and portability needs.

Do you offer custom dispensing containers?

DENIOS offers a variety of customization options for dispensing containers, such as:

  • Container size and material: Choose from various sizes and materials like HDPE plastic or stainless steel to suit your needs.

  • Dispensing mechanism: Select from pump tops, spray nozzles, or measured dosing chambers based on your application.

  • Labels and branding: We can provide custom labeling solutions to identify and brand your dispensing containers quickly.

How do I clean and maintain my dispensing containers?

Cleaning and maintenance procedures for dispensing containers depend on the specific type and the liquids they hold. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning methods and compatible cleaning agents.

What is a liquid dispenser?

A liquid dispenser is a container designed to dispense controlled fluids. They come in various forms, including dispensing bottles, safety cans, and spray bottles.

What is a Dispensing Cap?

Dispensing caps are designed for the controlled application of liquids. They come in various styles, including flip-tops, spouts, and pump tops, to suit the specific needs of the product and application.

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