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Bulk Tanks

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Conquer your chemical storage challenges with Denios' selection of high-quality bulk tanks! This guide dives into the world of bulk tanks, helping you choose the perfect solution for safe and efficient chemical storage. Whether you require colossal volumes for industrial applications or small chemical storage containers for measured use, Denios has you covered.

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Mastering Bulk Chemical Storage: Explore Denios' Bulk Tanks

Bulk tanks are robust, reusable containers designed to store and transport large quantities of chemicals securely. These chemical storage tanks come in various sizes, materials, and configurations to cater to diverse industrial needs. Here's a breakdown of some common types of bulk tanks offered by Denios:

  • Poly Storage Tanks: These plastic chemical storage containers, constructed from durable polyethylene, are ideal for a wide range of chemicals. They come in various capacities, including our 350-gallon option with an open-top design for easy mixing.

  • Double-Walled Bulk Tanks: These innovative tanks, with their secondary containment wall, provide an extra layer of protection. Perfect for harsh environments or storing hazardous materials, Denios offers double-walled bulk tanks in capacities of 1000 gallons and 150 gallons.

  • Heavy-Duty Bulk Chemical Tanks: Designed for heavy-duty use, these bulk chemical storage tanks are constructed from high-density polyethylene for maximum durability. Features like 4-way forklift accessibility and pressure ratings make them ideal for demanding industrial applications. Our 330-gallon heavy-duty bulk chemical tank is a prime example.

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Selecting the Perfect Bulk Tank for Your Needs

Choosing the ideal bulk tank necessitates careful consideration of several factors:

  • Chemical Compatibility: Ensure the tank material is compatible with the specific chemicals you store. Denios can assist you in selecting the right tank based on chemical resistance.

  • Volume Requirements: Determine the volume of chemicals you need to store and choose a tank with sufficient capacity. Consider your potential future needs as well.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Bulk tanks are suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. Double-walled tanks offer additional protection from the elements.

  • Safety Regulations: Adhere to all relevant safety regulations governing the storage and handling of your chemicals. This may dictate specific tank features or materials.

  • Additional Features: When selecting your tank, consider features like stackability, filling and discharge mechanisms, and ease of use.


What are chemical containers called?

Chemical containers encompass various vessels used to store chemicals. Bulk tanks refer to more extensive, reusable containers for storing and transporting significant chemical volumes.

What are the different types of bulk containers?

Common bulk container types include bulk tanks (like those offered by Denios), IBC totes, and smaller plastic chemical storage containers.

How long do bulk containers last?

The lifespan of bulk containers depends on the material, usage frequency, and maintenance practices. Generally, well-maintained plastic and steel containers can last for several years.

Can bulk containers be stacked?

Some bulk containers, but not all, feature stackability. Denios offers specific bulk tank models that are stackable for space optimization. However, before stacking a container, always check its weight capacity and stacking limitations.

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