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Absorbent Rolls

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Stop spills in their tracks and keep your workplace safe with DENIOS Absorbent Rolls. Our versatile rolls offer superior coverage and absorbency for various liquids. They are ideal for expansive coverage on leak-prone machinery, absorbing various liquids, including oils, coolants, solvents, water, and even non-aggressive acids and alkalis.

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DENIOS Absorbent Rolls: The Versatile Solution for Spill Cleanup

Universal Absorbent Rolls: Tackle Diverse Leaks and Spills

DENIOS Universal Rolls are your all-purpose solution for industrial and commercial applications. Made with high-performance Fine Fiber polypropylene, these rolls effectively absorb water- and oil-based liquids. Choose from medium-weight rolls for minor cleanups or heavy-weight rolls for larger spills during maintenance and repairs.

Oil-Only Absorbent Rolls: Target Oil Spills with Precision

DENIOS Oil-Only Rolls feature specially treated fibers that attract and retain oils, fuels, and hydrocarbons while repelling water. This targeted absorption makes them ideal for cleaning up oil spills on water or other surfaces. Medium-weight rolls are suitable for average volumes, while heavy-weight rolls handle larger spills effectively.

HazMat Absorbent Rolls: Address Hazardous Chemical Spills Safely

DENIOS HazMat Rolls are designed to handle aggressive and caustic chemicals, including acids and bases. Their innovative melt-blown technology offers exceptional absorbency and superior tear resistance, making them ideal for safely containing and cleaning up hazardous spills.

DENSORB Absorbent Rolls: Benefits Beyond Absorption

Versatile and Cost-Effective:

DENSORB Absorbent Rolls offer a cost-effective solution for many spill scenarios. Their large coverage area allows you to address leaks and spills efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Easy to Use and Dispose Of:

DENSORB Absorbent Rolls are perforated for easy tearing, allowing you to customize the size to fit the specific spill. Once used, the rolls can be disposed of following recommended guidelines.

Durable and Long-Lasting:

DENSORB Absorbent Rolls are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance. They resist tearing and ripping, even during heavy-duty cleanup tasks.

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DENSORB Absorbent Rolls: Choose the Right Spill Solution

Don't let spills slow you down. DENSORB Absorbent Rolls provide the versatility, performance, and ease of use to keep your workplace clean and safe. Browse our Universal, Oil-Only, and HazMat rolls selection to find the perfect fit for your application.

Universal Rolls

DENSORB Universal Rolls for versatile industrial and commercial cleanup. These Fine Fiber polypropylene sorbents effectively absorb both oil and water-based non-aggressive liquids. Select Medium-weight for minor cleanups and Heavy-weight for larger spills during routine maintenance and repair tasks.

Oil-Only Rolls

Oil-only sorbents have specially coated fibers to absorb oils, fuels, and other hydrocarbons while repelling water. Choose a medium weight for average volumes and a heavy weight for larger spills.

Hazmat Rolls

These Hazmat Rolls resist various chemicals, including acidic and basic liquids. They will quickly absorb liquids that are water or oil-based. The innovative melt-blown technology delivers exceptional absorbency and robust tear resistance, setting it apart with its unique capabilities.

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