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Snap-up Berms

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Achieve full containment of chemicals with the convenience of easy-to-use snap-up berms. These berms are designed to provide a secure barrier around the storage area, effectively preventing leaks and spills from spreading. They are available in various standard sizes, ensuring compatibility with storage requirements. Furthermore, the berms can be folded flat, facilitating convenient shipping, storage, and transportation when not in use.

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Snap-Up Berms

Snap-Up Berms

Snap-Up Berms are offered in an extensive range of sizes to suit diverse needs. These berms feature triangular stays that contribute to a robust sidewall, securely welded in place to eliminate any loose parts that could be misplaced. The setup process is straightforward: insert the bottom portion of the stay into the designated pocket, and your chemicals are fully contained within the berm. Additionally, the sidewall can be easily flattened, allowing vehicles and equipment to drive over it without obstruction.

Compact storage and transport

Berms are designed to fold into a significantly smaller space than their original size, enabling efficient storage and transportation. Additionally, all ridges come equipped with serial numbers, allowing for quality tracking.

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