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Salvage Drums

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Overpacks are a reliable solution for protecting and consolidating two or more packages. At the same time, Salvage Drums are ideally suited for containing hazardous materials during spill-cleanup operations. DENIOS offers a diverse selection of overpack drums, compliant with DOT regulations, designed to consolidate and protect multiple packages while ensuring secure containment and transportation of hazardous materials.

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Overpacks and Salvage Drums

Overpacks and Salvage Drums

DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of Overpacks and Salvage Drums designed to securely contain spills and transport hazardous materials, providing a reliable solution for all your dangerous goods shipping requirements. Available in steel, our drums are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 95 gallons, ensuring suitability for various applications. Trust DENIOS for your hazardous material containment and transportation needs.

What is an Overpack?

According to the US Department of Transportation regulations 49 CFR 171.8, an Overpack is a larger container utilized by a single consignor to provide protection or convenience in handling a package or for consolidating two or more packages. This practice is commonly employed for various reasons, such as enhancing shipping protection, improving comfort, or streamlining package consolidation. Choose from our range of steel overpack drums, available in sizes from 10 to 95 gallons, meeting stringent DOT criteria for safe transport, and providing a reliable solution for hazardous material containment and shipping needs.

What is a Salvage Drum?

As per the US Department of Transportation regulations at 49 CFR 173.3, a Salvage Drum is defined with the following essential criteria:

It must meet or surpass the UN performance requirements and be appropriately marked for Packing Group III or a higher category. It must pass a pressure test at three psi (pounds per square inch). The volume or capacity of the drum must not exceed the specified limits. The drum must be visibly marked with the words "Salvage" or "Salvage Drum" to indicate its purpose and distinguish it from other types of containers. Trust DENIOS's overpack drums to meet or exceed UN performance standards, marked clearly for Packing Group III or higher, ensuring compliance and safety in consolidating packages for secure transportation of hazardous materials.

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