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Chemical Storage Lockers

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Securely accommodate up to 14 drums or 2 IBC totes. DENIOS presents an array of storage locker options that can be tailored to suit precise requirements while aligning with safety regulations from FM Approval, EPA, and OSHA.

Noteworthy features include spill-compliant sumps, hinged doors equipped with internal releases, and passive ventilation, all contributing to accident prevention and heightened security. It's worth noting that these lockers exhibit resilience against winds reaching speeds of up to 90 mph.

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Secure Your Safety and Adhere to Legal Requirements

Common Applications

Certainly, chemical storage lockers are specialized storage solutions designed to safely house various types of hazardous chemicals and substances. They find application in a range of industries and settings where the storage of these materials is necessary while ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Here are some common applications for chemical storage lockers:

  1. Manufacturing Facilities

  2. Laboratories

  3. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

  4. Educational Institutions

  5. Warehouses and Distribution Centers

  6. Waste Collection and Disposal Sites

  7. Agriculture

  8. Oil and Gas Industry

  9. Pharmaceutical Industry

  10. Mining and Construction

In each of these applications, chemical storage lockers play a vital role in maintaining safety, compliance with regulations, and preventing environmental hazards. The lockers are designed to keep hazardous substances contained, protect against spills and leaks, and offer controlled environments for specific chemical requirements..

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