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Are you tired of worrying about spills and leaks disrupting your operations and jeopardizing safety? Say goodbye to those concerns with our premium selection of spill containment carts, designed to be your reliable partners in spill prevention and environmental protection. Whether you're managing 55-gallon drums, smaller chemical containers, or various liquids like oil or solvents, we have the perfect spill cart to suit your specific needs. DENIOS carts offer unmatched safety and compliance, boasting leak-proof sumps, sturdy construction, and features like removable platforms for easy cleanup, making them the ideal choice for enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtime in case of spills. All our carts are made here in the USA at our Louisville, KY facility. Shop now and experience the peace of mind of knowing your workplace is protected from hazardous leaks and spills!

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Spill Carts & Containment: Protect Your Workplace & Environment

Stop Leaks in Their Tracks: Choose the Right Spill Cart Today

Accidents happen. But when they involve spills, the consequences can be costly and harmful, impacting your workers' safety, the environment, and your bottom line. That's where spill containment carts become your heroes. They act as the second line of defense, capturing leaks and spills before they spread, safeguarding your people, facility, and the planet.

Investing in spill containment is not just a responsible choice; it's a smart one. It demonstrates your commitment to safety, helps you comply with regulations, and minimizes downtime and cleanup costs associated with spills.

From Drums to Chemicals: We Have the Spill Containment You Need

We offer a comprehensive range of spill containment solutions, catering to various industries and applications:

  • Construction sites: Securely manage spills from oil, lubricants, and solvents.

  • Manufacturing facilities: Contain leaks from chemical drums and hazardous materials.

  • Warehouses: Safely transport and store chemical containers.

  • Workshops and garages: Keep spills from fluids and lubricants under control.

  • And more!

No matter your industry or specific needs, we have the spill containment solution for you.

Shop Now & Get Peace of Mind: Spill-Proof Your Operations

Spill containment is an investment in safety, compliance, and peace of mind. Please browse our selection of spill carts today and find the perfect solution for your workplace. Remember, every spill prevented is a win for your people, environment, and business.

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