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Brooms, Paddles and Scrapers

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DENIOS offers a wide range of tools, paddles, and scrapers made from polyethylene, a non-sparking plastic material. These products provide a valuable safety measure by preventing sparks that could lead to fires and damage, ensuring a safer working environment.

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Brooms, Paddles and Scrapers

Brooms, Paddles and Scrapers

DENIOS offers a range of poly shovels, paddles, and scrapers molded from durable, lightweight, and hygienic polypropylene. These FDA-compliant products are highly sought after in the food industry, including meat, dairy, seafood, poultry processing, commercial fishing, and other food handling applications. Available in various colors, they can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Metal Detective Brooms, Paddles & Scrapers

DENIOS offers a range of metal-detectable tools, scrapers, and paddles, providing an excellent solution for various needs. These products contain a seminiferous additive that enables their use with a noticeable metal system. Metal-detectable plastic serves as a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to stainless steel. Available in various colors, these color-coded plastic tools support food safety measures, material handling, cleaning, and sanitation programs, effectively preventing cross-contamination. The food processing industry can ensure quality assurance and safety by incorporating metal-detectable color-coded tools.

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