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Drum and IBC Funnel

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DENIOS provides a comprehensive array of eco-conscious polyethylene or steel funnels to guarantee secure and reliable container filling. The wide range of options ensures you can consistently discover the ideal funnel that aligns with your needs and preferences. From IBC funnels tailored to facilitate the effortless filling of IBC totes to smaller counterparts perfect for filling diminutive drums and containers, DENIOS presents a solution for every requirement. A tote funnel might not be something you thought you needed, but your team will appreciate the ease of use, and your business will benefit.

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IBC Funnel - Large Version -Large Drain Opening
2 variants available
from $160.00 Excl. Tax
Full IBC funnel Kit
$425.00 Excl. Tax
Poly Funnel for Drums
$120.00 Excl. Tax
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Drum and Tote Funnels

IBC Tote Funnels

Delve into DENIOS' comprehensive range of IBC funnels meticulously designed to facilitate effortless filling of IBC totes. Our diverse collection features an array of tote funnels crafted from eco-friendly polyethylene or robust steel, providing versatile solutions for various industrial applications.

Whether handling substantial liquid volumes or precise filling requirements, DENIOS offers the perfect tote funnel to ensure seamless, spill-free, and tidy filling processes. Count on our meticulously engineered IBC funnels to streamline your operations, guaranteeing efficiency and precision in every filling task. Explore our comprehensive guide on hazardous storage practices to ensure safety and compliance in your workplace.

Drum funnels from DENIOS

Drum funnels manufactured by DENIOS are made of steel or environmentally friendly-polyethylene. They are designed to safely fill drums with liquids in various work environments, including workshops, garages, and production areas. DENIOS offers drum funnels such as a galvanized steel drum funnel with a lid, which has a capacity of approximately 1.5 gallons and has a hinged lid and strainer; a Drum Funnel in polyethylene, which is ideal for the filling of 54-gallon drums and has an integral lockable cover; and a four-piece Polyethylene Set, suitable for dispensing small quantities of liquids into transport or dispensing containers. We also stock an equipment package for flammable substances that contains one steel drum and an anti-static plastic drum funnel.

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