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Drum and IBC Funnel

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Looking to eliminate spills, boost efficiency, and ensure a safer work environment? DENIOS offers a premium selection of Drum & IBC Tote Funnels designed to meet your needs. Whether you handle large volumes of liquids in IBC totes or require precise filling for smaller drums, our high-quality funnels crafted from eco-friendly polyethylene or robust steel guarantee mess-free transfers and exceptional durability. Explore our comprehensive range below to find the perfect fit for your application and discover how DENIOS Drum & IBC Tote Funnels can revolutionize hazardous material handling processes.

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IBC Funnel - Large Version -Large Drain Opening
2 variants available
from $150.00 Excl. Tax
Full IBC funnel kit
$425.00 Excl. Tax
Poly Funnel for Drums
$120.00 Excl. Tax
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Drum & IBC Tote Funnels: Streamline Filling, Maximize Safety

Effortless Filling of IBC Totes with DENIOS IBC Tote Funnels

  • Safe and Efficient IBC Tote Filling: Our IBC tote funnels are meticulously designed to facilitate the effortless filling of IBC totes. Explore our diverse selection, featuring large-capacity funnels crafted from high-quality materials for faster pouring and smooth operation.

  • Enhanced Security & Spill Prevention: Select models boast lockable lids, offering an extra layer of security for hazardous materials and preventing unauthorized access during storage. This ensures a safer work environment and minimizes the risk of spills.

Maximize Efficiency and Safety with DENIOS Drum Funnels

  • Stop Costly Spills & Streamline Operations: Drum funnels from DENIOS are essential tools for promoting safety and efficiency in your workplace. By eliminating spills and ensuring controlled pouring, our funnels prevent costly accidents and material waste and improve overall productivity.

  • The Perfect Fit for Every Drum: We offer a wide range of drum funnels in various sizes to perfectly fit your specific drum sizes and needs. Choose from vented or non-vented options, and benefit from features like removable filter screens for effortless cleaning.

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Unmatched Selection & Quality You Can Trust

DENIOS is your one-stop shop for everything Drum & IBC Tote Funnels! We understand the importance of safe and efficient hazardous material handling, so we offer a comprehensive selection of drum funnels and IBC tote funnels to meet your specific needs and applications. Whether you require eco-friendly polyethylene for a lighter-weight option or prefer steel's robust durability, DENIOS funnels are crafted from high-quality materials to ensure exceptional chemical resistance and long-lasting performance in even the most demanding environments. Browse our selection and choose the material that best suits your requirements and preferences.

Invest in Safety & Efficiency - Shop DENIOS Drum & IBC Funnels Today!

  • Revolutionize Your Hazardous Material Handling: DENIOS Drum & IBC Tote Funnels are a game-changer for businesses that handle liquids in drums and IBC totes. Our high-quality funnels promote safety, prevent spills, and boost efficiency, saving you time and money.

  • Browse Our Extensive Selection & Find the Perfect Match: Explore our comprehensive range of drum funnels and IBC tote funnels today! We offer various sizes, materials, and features to ensure you find the ideal solution. Shop DENIOS Drum & IBC Funnels now and experience the difference!

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