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This is How we work

To fulfill our mission, we strongly emphasize close, agile, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We consistently act and communicate with transparency and on an equal footing. This necessitates trust, a culture of continuous learning, and the willingness to challenge the status quo. We approach our work by focusing on our customers' needs and challenges and providing tailor-made solutions rather than fixating on specialized domains and products.

Each and every individual counts

We are seeking individuals who, in addition to their professional qualifications, also bring their personality and passion to the table. We firmly believe diversity, equal opportunities, and individual growth make us strong.

As an innovator and leading specialist in storing hazardous substances, operational environmental protection, and workplace safety, we offer exciting career opportunities in various specialized areas. In an exciting and future-proof market, protecting people and the environment is a daily challenge we all embrace. It's a fulfilling mission that unites us at DENIOS as we strive to create a sustainable environment and a better future for future generations.

We are at home all over the world

DENIOS is present in 25 sales and six production locations worldwide. Our competence as an innovator, developer, and manufacturer is recognized internationally. The challenge we consistently face is this: How can we effectively orchestrate the delivery of our products and services, ensuring a personalized, reliable, and efficient experience for our customers? Our ultimate goal is to enhance the safety of our customers' businesses and provide even better protection for people and the environment.

Our success may be attributed to our enduring identity as a family business. This identity shapes our daily operations and defines our corporate culture. We place immense trust in our 900+ employees across the globe, actively fostering their personal and professional growth. We invest significantly in opportunities for every member of the DENIOS team to broaden their horizons, whether through temporary or permanent relocation to one of our global locations. This is because a sense of international togetherness strengthens when everyone has experienced the DENIOS world.

Meet Our Vibrant Human Resources Team

Welcome to the portal of our dynamic Human Resources department. At DENIOS, we champion the potential of our people. Our HR team is the core of our organization, dedicated to nurturing a culture of inclusivity, advancement, and innovation. Serving as champions for our employees and our company's vision, we strive to cultivate a setting where all can flourish professionally and personally. Learn why DENIOS is more than a workplace—it's a community where each individual is respected and empowered. Seize the opportunities before you, and initiate your journey toward a rewarding career with us. Below are links to our current job openings, each offering a chance to be part of a team that's forging the future. We eagerly anticipate connecting with you and starting this adventure together.

Erin Howard

Director of Administration


Mission, Vision & Corporate Values

Mission: We offer know-how and products to make our customers' businesses safer.

Vision: The world market leader for safe solutions in storing hazardous materials.

Corporate Values:


We conduct ourselves transparently in our actions and communications, always standing behind our words.


We create cutting-edge products and solutions tailored to our customers' needs.


We clearly understand our work and share our expertise to assist our customers around the globe.


Mutual reliance is vital, and we have earned our customers' trust.


We take pride in our consistent growth, built on the robust foundation of our family-owned business.

Uniting for a Sustainable Future

At DENIOS, our mission is unequivocal: we are dedicated to bolstering environmental protection and putting the well-being of our community first. Our collective strength is our unity, as we work together towards a common goal. The 'Blue Ribbon of Unity' symbolizes this bond, representing our cooperative spirit and unwavering commitment.

As we pursue a sustainable future, we seek individuals eager to bring their distinct personalities, skills, and enthusiasm. We are convinced that everyone can drive meaningful change.

Embark on this journey with us under the banner of 'You Empower Tomorrow.'

Are you ready to be an agent of change?

Sustainability is part of our DNA.

We operate worldwide; we are world market leaders. But at heart, we remain inventors and developers. We research, learn, develop, manufacture, and test.

All for one reason: to protect the environment and people even better.

In the past 35 years, we have integrated many measures to protect the environment and resources directly into our daily work. And we have developed a responsible value chain with our suppliers and partners. We work climate-neutral throughout Europe, are guided by the principles of the UN Global Compact, and have received several awards from Ecovadis. This action, characterized by sustainability, is, of course, also reflected in the products we develop. With DENIOS Connect, we have redefined security and, thus, the protection of the environment. With Green Mobility, we are already developing new safety technologies and environmentally friendly mobility solutions with our customers. All of this makes us proud. This also applies to our DENIOS environmental heroes. Young employees who independently develop and implement local projects. So that we can move even more in the future.

Read in the current sustainability report how we live this important topic daily in our company and what we are doing about it.

Mission, Vision & Corporate Values

Mission: We offer know-how and products to make our customers' businesses safer.

Vision: The world market leader for safe solutions in storing hazardous materials.


We act and communicate transparently and stand by what we say.


We develop innovative products and solutions for our customers.


We know what we are doing and share our know-how to support our customers worldwide.


We can rely on each other, and our customers trust us..


We are proud of our steady growth based on the solid foundation of a family business.

We are here for you.
What sets us apart?

As a family-owned company, we prioritize people and environmental protection in all our actions. Our commitment to social responsibility, forward-thinking and humane HR policies, and sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship drive us forward. In recognition of our efforts, we have received awards such as the Family-Friendly Company 2021, Best Place to Learn 2021, and the BGHW Trainee Special Award for Communication.

While deeply rooted in the region, we also embrace our global responsibility as an internationally operating company. We operate carbon-neutral across Europe, have received the GIT Safety Award and multiple recognitions from the sustainability assessment platform EcoVadis, and have consistently been among the top 100 most innovative mid-sized companies. Furthermore, we align with the principles of the UN Global Compact and are part of the United Nations' International Sustainability Network (UNGC).

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