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IBC Spill Containment

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IBC Spill Containment is essential for storing and handling IBC totes safely and efficiently. IBC totes are large containers holding up to 550 gallons of liquid or solid materials. At DENIOS, we offer a variety of IBC tote spill containment products, such as IBC Spill Pallets, IBC Tote Stands, IBC tote dispensing stations, and Poly spill pallets. Our products are designed to fit different sizes and capacities of IBC totes, from 250 to 550 gallons, with base sump volumes that meet or exceed the regulatory requirements. An IBC spill containment pallet is a great way to store your IBC totes and simplify dispensing your hazardous chemicals. Whether you need to store, transport, or dispense your IBC totes, we have the right solution and can help prevent catastrophe. Explore DENIOS's comprehensive IBC secondary containment solutions, including spill pallets and stands, ensuring safe storage, easy dispensing of hazardous materials from your IBC totes, and reliable environmental protection.

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IBC Tote Stands and Dispensing Stations

Dispense Your Materials with Ease and Safety with Our IBC Tote Solutions

IBC Tote Stands are essential to IBC Spill Containment, as they allow you to elevate your IBC totes to a convenient height for dispensing. With gravity, you can easily access the drain valves and dispense your liquid or solid materials into smaller containers. Our IBC Tote Stands can fit most sizes and capacities of IBC totes, which are large containers holding up to 550 gallons of materials.

Suppose you need to handle hazardous or regulated materials. In that case, you can combine our IBC Tote Stands with our IBC Spill Pallets or Poly spill pallets, which will collect minor drips or spills and prevent environmental contamination. Our IBC Tote Stands are made of durable poly construction and come in various heights. We can also customize them to suit your specific needs. They are easy to assemble on-site and ship knocked down. DENIOS offers versatile IBC secondary containment solutions, featuring spill pallets and dispensing stations, designed to prevent spills and leaks while facilitating the safe and efficient dispensing of liquids or solids from your IBC totes."

Benefits of using IBC tote dispensing stations

IBC Dispensing Stations are a great way to store and dispense your materials from your IBC totes. They help prevent waste and spills, enhance workplace safety, ensure accurate measurements, save costs, and improve organization. They are compatible with different types of materials and spill pallets, and come with various accessories to customize your dispensing system. At DENIOS, we offer a range of IBC Dispensing Stations and other IBC Spill Containment products to meet your needs. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

 Accessories include:

  • ¬†Splash guard: Protect workers and surrounding areas from dangerous chemicals.

  • Dispensing Stand: IBC Totes are elevated 20" and sloped forward 3 degrees to dispense efficiently.

  • Dispensing Platform: This 73" deep platform gives 18" of space to dispense from IBC Totes safely into containers placed on dispensing ledge to catch any leaks or drip

Choose the Right Material for Your IBC Spill Pallets

IBC Spill Pallets are designed to collect any spills or leaks from your IBC totes and prevent them from contaminating the environment. However, not all IBC spill containment pallets are made of the same material. Depending on the substance you are storing in your IBC totes, you must choose the suitable material for your spill pallets to ensure their durability and compatibility.

You should opt for steel spill pallets if you store water-endangering substances or flammable liquids, such as oils, varnishes, or paints. Steel spill pallets are strong and resistant to these substances and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. At Denios, we offer steel spill pallets in galvanized and varnished options, so you can select the one that suits your specific requirements.

If you store aggressive chemicals like acids and alkalis, use poly/plastic or stainless-steel spill pallets. Poly/plastic or stainless-steel spill pallets are non-corrosive and specially designed to keep these chemicals safe. They are also easy to clean, maintain, and resist UV rays and weather conditions.

No matter what material you choose for your IBC spill containment pallets, you can also enhance your IBC Spill container system with our drum and IBC dispensing stations. These products allow you to safely and conveniently dispense your materials from your IBC totes into smaller containers. They come with a platform over a spill containment sump, which provides extra depth and clearance for attaching dispensing valves and hoses. You can combine them with a splashguard and a dispensing stand to create a customized storage and dispensing system. Ensure safety and regulatory compliance with DENIOS's IBC secondary containment options, incorporating spill pallets and dispensing stations tailored to handle various capacities of IBC totes, providing an efficient and secure solution for material handling and containment.

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