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Storing hazardous materials safely

Customized hazardous materials storage from DENIOS

This brochure will outline:

  • The wide variety of DENIOS hazardous material storage solutions
  • Certified fire protection containers

Discover Tailored Hazardous Material Storage Solutions

Welcome to DENIOS, where safety and environmental protection drive our range of expertly designed storage solutions. Explore our brochure for a comprehensive look at how we safeguard your workplace with precision-engineered storage options for hazardous materials.

Certified Fire Protection and Tailored Solutions

Delve into our certified fire protection containers and explore our tailored solutions for flammable storage to meet diverse industry needs. From compliance with safety standards to enhancing workplace safety measures, DENIOS provides innovative solutions for safe storage worldwide.

Berms: Big Spills, Big Protection

Need to handle serious leaks or ongoing drips? Look no further than berms. Their superior capacity allows them to hold large volumes of liquid, preventing overflow and environmental damage. This makes them ideal for areas prone to more significant spills, like under machinery or outdoor applications where rain might be a factor. Berms are constructed from rigid, weather-resistant materials and provide a reliable solution for diverse spill containment needs.

IBC Totes: Strength and Choice for Industrial Liquids

A DENIOS IBC tote, or intermediate bulk container, is a reliable choice for industrial applications. DENIOS offers a wide selection of IBC totes in various sizes and materials, including HDPE plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. This variety ensures you can find the perfect balance of strength, affordability, and chemical resistance to suit your specific needs, whether you're storing non-hazardous liquids or require a heavy-duty option for harsh chemicals.

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