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Hazardous material storage

Hazardous material storage demands precise solutions to comply with safety regulations and environmental protection. DENIOS Inc. stands at the forefront, offering a comprehensive range of storage options. From innovative containment units to tailored engineering services, we ensure secure and compliant storage for diverse industrial needs.

DENIOS Inc. offers a diverse group of products for storing hazardous substances that provide the correct solution for environmental protection, tackling virtually every problem posed by hazardous materials that industrial companies must deal with. Our hazmat storage containers are engineered to meet the highest safety standards, providing secure and compliant solutions for storing hazardous materials in diverse industrial settings. We also offer specialized engineering services to assist in nullifying issues facing individual customers in dangerous material storage technology, and we are dedicated to developing custom resolutions for our customers’ unique operational requirements.

Products for storing hazardous materials

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DENIOS' lithium-ion storage and charging cabinets offer unparalleled protection for these high-risk materials. With robust fire protection and a liquid-tight spill sump, these cabinets ensure containment in battery-related accidents. DENIOS' lithium-ion storage and charging cabinets are a pinnacle of safeguarding high-risk materials. Engineered with a robust fire protection system and a meticulously designed liquid-tight spill sump, these cabinets guarantee containment even during battery-related accidents, assuring comprehensive safety measures for your workplace. Their innovative design and cutting-edge features prioritize prevention and containment, ensuring peace of mind while handling volatile lithium-ion materials.

Explore our range of safety storage cabinets, meticulously designed to provide the highest level of security for hazardous hazardous materials storage. These cabinets, suitable for laboratories, warehouses, and various industrial settings, offer FM approval, additional shelves, drip trays, and customizable features for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Comprehensive Range of Hazardous Material Storage Products

Safety Storage Cabinets

Ideal for use in laboratories, stores, warehouses, and anywhere where hazardous liquids need to be stored safely and securely. A Safety cabinet provides the highest level of security while enabling effective work processes. Most cabinets carry FM approval and additional shelves, drip trays, and pull-out shelves are available.

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Hazardous Storage Sheds

DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of sheds, cabinets, and hazmat stations, ensuring indoor and outdoor storage needs with built-in spill containment. Choose steel or poly sheds based on chemical requirements. Their versatile material stations accommodate various containers, providing practical access and integrated safety for reliable storage.

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Gas Cylinder Storage

The storage of pressurized gas bottles, encompassing various risks like oxygen displacement and explosion hazards, is governed by OSHA's regulations. DENIOS offers compliant gas cylinder storage solutions, ensuring ventilation and access protection and mitigating the high risks these cylinders pose.

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Fire Rated Cabinets

When storing flammable liquids a DENIOS flammable storage cabinet is the ideal solution. Available in a variety of widths and sizes with versatile features which include height-adjustable shelves, slide out spill trays and an integrated exhaust air system, our flammable storage cabinets can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

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Poly Cabinets

DENIOS Poly Cabinets allow you to store aggressive substances in laboratories, schools, institutes and universities. Small Poly Cabinets can be used for the storage of oils, acids and alkalis and have a high chemical resistance because they are manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly polyethylene.

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Lithium Ion Storage and Charging Cabinets

DENIOS Lithium-Ion Storage and Charging cabinets for the safe storage of lithium-Ion batteries. Our storage cabinets offer All-around protection: 90-minute fire protection from the outside.With tested, liquid-tight spill sump (powder-coated sheet steel). For containment of any leaks from burning batteries.

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Chemical Storage lockers

Chemical storage lockers, tailored for various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and education, are crucial in ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. These specialized solutions effectively contain hazardous materials, prevent spills, and provide controlled environments, safeguarding against environmental risks across diverse applications.

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Flammable Safety Cabinet

Safety cabinets are tailored for laboratories, stores, and warehouses, securing hazardous liquids while optimizing work efficiency. Their FM approval guarantees rigorous safety standards, allowing customization for specific needs, ensuring compliance, and enabling organized, accessible storage of hazardous materials.

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Safety Storage Cabinets for Maximum Security

Understanding OSHA Requirements for Hazardous Material Storage

OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) defines hazardous chemicals as substances capable of causing physical or health risks. This determination lies with the chemical manufacturer, outlined in 29 CFR 1910.1200(d). These chemicals encompass a broad spectrum, from explosives, gases, and flammable liquids to corrosive agents, radioactive materials, and miscellaneous substances like asbestos.

Adhering to OSHA's safety guidelines is crucial, as improper handling or storage of these chemicals can result in severe injuries. Workers should be well-versed in safe practices and situations concerning hazardous materials, even during storage, emphasizing health and safety risks.

Compliance with OSHA's chemical storage regulations involves fundamental legal requisites. Employees handling chemicals must undergo structured training and receive a written plan delineating safe procedures. Additionally, all chemicals must be accompanied by Safety Data Sheets, readily available for reference.

To mitigate potential hazards during chemical storage, OSHA recommends several essential steps. These include maintaining clutter-free storage areas devoid of flammable or explosive conditions, preventing conditions that attract pests, and adhering to specific spatial requirements, such as keeping distances from hoistways and exterior walls. Moreover, it's imperative to segregate incompatible chemicals, ensuring they are stored separately.

Effective chemical storage organization requires a deep understanding of potential chemical reactions and associated risks. Whether in a small academic laboratory or a confined stockroom, it's vital to avoid storing chemicals on the floor or in proximity to materials that might trigger adverse reactions. Awareness and meticulous planning are paramount to ensuring safe and compliant chemical containment, aligning with OSHA's stringent standards for workplace safety.

Specialized Storage Solutions for Hazardous Materials:

  • Large range of products for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fire, chemical and weather resistant
  • Flexible range of accessories fully assembled delivery

Discover our specialized hazmat stations, gas cylinder storage options, fire-rated cabinets, poly cabinets, and lithium-ion storage units. Each product is engineered to meet specific storage needs, ensuring adequate ventilation, spill containment, and security against unauthorized access.

DENIOS Inc. specializes in tailoring storage solutions to match unique operational requirements. Our hazmat storage containers have flexible accessories, advanced technologies, and durable construction. Whether indoors or outdoors, these solutions are engineered to contain hazardous substances securely while ensuring ease of access and operational safety.

For the storage of hazardous materials outdoors, it is essential to catch the hazardous materials reliably in the event of leakage and protect them from the effects of the weather. Here, the DENIOS program ranges from a simple polymer box for small quantities to spacious steel containers and large storage areas for hazardous materials with covered intermediate areas. Here, the type of dangerous substance in the warehouse is also decisive for the design, but so are other criteria, such as safety distances. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, our hazmat storage containers offer customizable options, delivering peace of mind for businesses seeking secure storage solutions for their hazardous materials.

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