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Lifting Equipment

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Comfort and optimum safety for the employee when handling drums are top priorities. With DENIOS drum lifting equipment, we can provide you with the safety and convenience you need and in the appropriate configuration for you.

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Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

Comfort and optimum safety for the employee in drum handling are the top priority. When it comes to handling drums you can benefit from greater safety and convenience with DENIOS US drum lifter equipment that is available in many different configurations.

Drum Handling and accessories

At DENIOS, our goal is to provide products which will contribute to the safety of our personnel, facility, and community - from the moment a chemical enters your plant to when the empty container is disposed.

  • Lifting Equipment
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Drum Titlers
  • Carts and Dollies

These include safe, reliable products used in the day to day handling of chemicals - regardless of whether you're handling the container, or the actual chemical.

DENIOS Hazardous Material Handling Products and Accessories are a collection of products designed for the safe transport, processing, mixing, and dispensing of chemicals.

Drum Lifting Equipment

Drum lifters with a wide chassis and hydraulic pump grip 55 gallon steel and plastic drums in various sizes and types by using automatically closing drum clamps. Drum lifters make lifting and transporting drums easier and the adjustable drum clamps pick up drums safely. The width of the chassis makes it possible to easily span pallets and pick up a drum at the back. You can also benefit from the advantages of the innovative drum transporter.

With this drum transporter you can lift 55 gallon drums with rims easily off pallets. These innovative drum transporters making lifting and transporting your drums a lot easier. A gas spring ensures that the drum can be picked up and placed down without any jerky movements. The drum is locked and held safely using three position points and a double locking device.

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