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High-quality, outstanding functional products for handling hazardous liquids in any application

All FALCON products guarantee maximum safety for both people and the environment. They are highly efficient and economical for working with liquid hazardous substances. The FALCON range offers specially developed products tailored for individual uses. Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, the FALCON sophisticated technology gives precision and outstanding functionality. It's the only way to keep liquid hazardous substances under control at all times, enabling you to store and supply them even more safely, distribute them even more precisely, and clean them even more efficiently.

Cleaning and dosing with FALCON

Precision at your fingertips.

Flammable and aggressive media are used for cleaning and degreasing in many operations. The aim is to safely and economically use these dangerous and expensive substances.

The FALCON plunger does just that. The liquid is carried upwards via the pumping mechanism when a sponge is pressed onto the stainless steel spring-mounted plunger plate. Once the sponge is dampened and removed from the plunger plate, the plate moves back up. At the same time, any residual liquid runs back into the container. This mechanism protects employees, as less hazardous vapors are released, and is cost-effective due to its economical use of these substances.

FALCON Plunger Safety Cans

A plunger safety can moisten cleaning cloths or sponges as needed without having to tilt the container. It is particularly economical because the excess liquid returns from the soaking plate back into the container.

Plunger Safety Cans

FALCON Plunger Safety Cans in polyethylene (Poly)

Cleaning small parts with aggressive liquids such as acids and alkalis is all about safety and efficiency. The FALCON Plunger Safety Can is made of rigid, chemically resistant HDPE. The spring-loaded stainless steel soaking plate provides the chemical media very sparingly via the pumping unit, and the residual liquid runs back.

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FALCON Spray Cans

Economical and dosed spraying in daily operation: FALCON spray cans are ideal for cleaning various surfaces and offer high resistance to many cleaning agents.

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FALCON Small Parts Cleaner

FALCON small parts cleaners are ideal for degreasing or cleaning small parts and are equipped with a lid that closes automatically in case of fire.

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Fine dosing and filling with FALCON

Hand in hand.

It is the everyday movements to which we give our full attention. When working with a stainless-steel FALCON safety jug, you'll immediately notice how well it fits into your hand and how easy it is to use.

Our engineers in the innovation department have created a refined tool in the FALCON safety jug. The unscrewable fine measuring tap with stainless steel ventilation allows high-precision satisfactory dosing and filling - even into small openings.

FALCON Fine Measuring Jugs

Don't let anything burn! Fine-measuring jugs with integrated flame arresters protect against flashback and allow exact dosing of flammable and aggressive liquids.

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FALCON Fine Measuring Jugs in polyethylene (PE)

Do you work with corrosive liquids such as acids or alkalis? Then, the FALCON safety jug made of durable and chemically resistant HDPE with a chemical-resistant PTFE seal comes into its own. The fine dosing tap allows safe filling and high-precision dosing.

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FALCON Storage and Transportation Jugs

Do you need a safe solution for the storage and in-house transport of flammable and aggressive liquids? Then our FALCON storage and transportation jugs are the right choice for you!

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FALCON Storage and Transportation Jugs in polyethylene (PE)

If, for example, you need to transport and store acids and alkalis in the company, then the FALCON safety jug, made of chemically resistant HDPE with a stainless steel screw cap and a chemical-resistant PTFE seal, is the safe solution.

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FALCON LubriFlex Dispensing Jugs

The LubriFlex dispensing jugs are made of environmentally friendly PE. The rugged, chemically resistant, and UV-stabilised containers are particularly suitable for applications with lubricants.

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Storing and dispensing with FALCON

Movement under control.

A safety canister for flammable and aggressive liquids is part of everyday work. It constantly travels between the dispensing station and store, filling, transporting, and storing.

Therefore, the highly robust FALCON safety canister is made of stainless steel. Like the fine measuring tap, the space-saving FALCON safety canister becomes a dispensing station, allowing extremely precise dispensing and dosing into smaller containers - directly from the storage position.

FALCON Safety Canister with Fine Dosing Tap

These safety canisters are equipped with a practical tap that enables even and precise filling - ideal for filling directly from the storage position, for example, from a shelf.

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FALCON Safety Canisters with Transport Approval

FALCON safety canisters are space-saving in storage and have UN approval to transport liquid substances in packaging groups I, II, and III (UN 3A1/X/250/...).

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FALCON Safety Containers with Fine Dosing Tap

Safety containers with a fine dosing tap have a flame arrester as standard, which prevents ignition of the container contents. The containers can be used for flammable and aggressive liquids.

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FALCON safety containers with transport approval

Compact in size and with UN approval (UN 3A1/X/250/..) for transport: flammable and aggressive liquids are stored and transported safely with a FALCON safety container.

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Whether acids, alkalis, used oils, or liquid foodstuffs - the well-thought-out range of funnels from FALCON makes it easy and practical to safely transfer liquids of all kinds. For example, into drums or IBCs.

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FALCON | Plunger Cans

Watch the video to see for yourself the ingenious technology of the FALCON plunger cans! The liquid is conveyed upwards via the pump mechanism when the watering plate is lowered. The plate moves upwards as soon as the cleaning cloth is wetted and removed from the soaking plate. The residual liquid runs back into the container.

Precise dosing pays off

There is a reason why the FALCON safety jug is fitted with a fine measuring tap. The aim is to dispense a precise quantity of hazardous material safely. Precise, careful handling has many advantages: flammable and aggressive substances are hazardous - and they are valuable.

Reducing Hazards

With economical and accurate dosing, you only use as many hazardous substances as necessary. This minimizes the risks for employees and the environment.

Avoiding incorrect dosing

Over or underdosing can result in a deterioration of plant or product quality. This can be avoided by precision dosing.

Reducing additional costs

Increased use can lead to increased costs. Precise dosing also has economic advantages. Many materials are expensive, so every drop saved pays off.

Reducing the risks of leak

Exact dosing means not only economic operation but also precision and cleanliness. Whether filling into tiny openings or in hard-to-reach places, if you work with FALCON products, you've got everything under control.

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