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DENIOS – We protect people and the environment

Each passing minute, the equivalent of a full garbage truck of plastic waste is deposited in our oceans. A mere drop of oil can pollute 600 liters of drinking water. These facts emphasize the critical importance of preserving nature and safeguarding the four elements: protecting water, earth, and air and managing fire. This commitment mirrors our mission at DENIOS, a journey spanning over 35 years!

As a family-owned enterprise and a global industry leader, we hold ourselves accountable by channeling innovation, pursuing sustainability, and maintaining a global outlook.


Our products ensure that fires cannot cause significant damage – we control the element of fire!


Clean and clear water – the most essential for all living beings. We have solutions to keep our water pure.


Soil is the foundation for the growth of our food. We provide products that protect our Earth from hazardous substances.


Air should remain clean and pure: DENIOS ensures environmental protection with innovative solutions, ensuring pure air.


Without fire, our lives wouldn't be what they are. It has fascinated us humans for ages – it's a source of energy and danger at the same time. Fire provides us with warmth, yet it can also destroy us. It gives us hot meals, but it can also take lives. And there are some facts about fire (for sure) that you didn't know:

  • Fire requires three things to burn: a fuel source such as wood or coal, a spark, and oxygen from the air
  • Inside the sun, temperatures reach 15 million degrees
  • When specific molecules burn under high pressure, they produce the hottest flame, which reaches about 10000 degrees. For comparison, a candle flame can reach temperatures up to 2500 degrees at its hottest point
  • Researchers discovered the oldest remains of a fire pit in a cave in South Africa, dating back around one million years. These burned bones and plant parts provide a glimpse into ancient fire use
  • The first fireworks existed over a thousand years ago in China, where bamboo tubes were thrown into the fire, creating loud bursts to scare away spirits


Water is the foundation of all life! Streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and oceans provide habitat for many plants and animals. Moreover, water is not just an essential component of life – it's a human right. Water is an energy source, a means of transportation, and a valuable resource. Did you know these fascinating facts about water?

  • Water is the only chemical compound that naturally exists in all three states of matter: liquid as water, solid as ice, and gaseous as steam
  • Approximately two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered with water
  • 97.5% of our water is composed of saltwater, with only 2.5% percent being freshwater
  • On average, each of us consumes nearly 34 gallons of drinking water per day
  • The food item with the highest water usage is cocoa: It takes 7,126 gallons to produce one kilogram of cocoa beans, while one kilogram of tomatoes only requires 29 gallons
  • The human body is composed of approximately 75% water


The Earth appears inexhaustible – it's simply here: beneath our feet, beneath the fields, beneath the grass and trees. On this Earth, we stand firmly on solid ground – and our soils are valuable ecosystems and significant CO2 contributors. From Mother Earth to topsoil, here are more fascinating facts for you:

  • From here to the North Pole, it's approximately 2,610 miles, and to the South Pole, it's nearly 9,941 miles
  • Our planet Earth travels at a speed of over 62,137 miles per hour around the Sun
  • Earth is quite heavy - it weighs about 6 sextillion short tons
  • In a handful of soil, more organisms live than there are people on the planet
  • A healthy soil takes time: It takes approximately 1,242,000 years to form a 4-inch thick layer of soil
  • The deepest hotel room in the world is located in Sweden, in a decommissioned silver mine - you can spend the night about 509 feet below the Earth's surface


We need it to breathe, to grow, to live. Air is invisible to us, and yet it's always present. Only the wind lets us feel something is there: it powers sailboats, sets wind turbines in motion, and lifts balloons into the sky. Here are some fascinating facts about air:

  • Air consists of various gases - 20% oxygen and almost 80% nitrogen, with small amounts of other gases
  • A person takes 12 to 18 breaths per minute, meaning we breathe in the air from 14 million balloons over the course of our lives
  • Air has weight: 1 cubic meter of air weighs approximately 1.3 kilograms
  • According to studies, we are much less likely to get sick if we spend at least 30 minutes outdoors each day
  • Under favorable conditions, a single wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power 4,000 households
  • The first hot air balloons took to the sky in 1783, with passengers including a rooster, a duck, and a sheep (all of them survived the balloon ride!)

DENIOS4Elements – Our Harmony with Nature

At the Denios headquarters in Bad Oeynhausen, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air are not just the fundamental forces of our planet - we also turn the four elements into a tangible experience. Our park is a magnet for people of all ages, and visitors are warmly invited to engage deeply with Fire, Water, Earth, and Air - all close to the impressive Wiehengebirge mountain range.

Seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling - a tour through our DENIOS4ELEMENTS awakens all your senses! Besides, there is so much fascinating information to discover about these elements. Come with us and learn why nature is so crucial to our lives and what we can do to protect it. DENIOS4ELEMENTS is open around the clock - our 'Nature Gateway' is always available.

The Entrance to Denios

Discover step by step our green entrance gate to the company. On the premises, you will find plenty of exciting information about the elements of nature.

Time Out in the Green

Sit on the waterfront pier and experience nature with all your senses. A visit to DENIOS 4 ELEMENTS is worthwhile in every season.

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