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At DENIOS, safety comes first. As a global occupational and environmental safety leader for over 37 years, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that protect people and the planet. Whether you need a groundbreaking product, expert advice, or comprehensive customer service, our dedicated teams are here to help.

This page offers a variety of resources, including FAQs, shipping and return information, and contact details for our sales, HR, key account management, and engineering departments. Let's work together to create a safer and more sustainable future.

We all are responsible for preserving our natural habitat, ourselves, and future generations. At DENIOS, we consider it our top priority to strive for improvement continually and to set new standards consistently.

Diego Rodriquez (President) | Darryl Spalding (Operations) | Douglas Woosley (Engineering) | Ben Collett (KAM) | Ana Segura (Marketing) | Steve Eyer (Sales) | Suzanne (Customer Service)

Our Customer Service Team

Our dedicated Customer Service team is here to ensure a smooth and positive experience at DENIOS. Whether you have questions about shopping on our website, need help with returns or order tracking, or want clarification on product specifications and warranties, our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are happy to assist you. We offer multiple ways to connect with our team, including phone, email, and webchat, during our convenient business hours. Let us know how we can help you maximize your DENIOS experience!


Customer Service Manager


Chelsea Manning

Catalog Product Sales

800-216-7776 x 828

Lia Schmitt

Customer Service Lead


Michelle Steyn

Customer Service Specialist

800-216-7776 x 846

Rachel Ramirez Jorge

Catalog Product Sales



DENIOS general inquiries, product questions, warranties, and returns

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM est

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


1152 Industrial Blvd

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looking for our canadian site?

Our Canadian customers can utilize our Canadian-specific website and contact our Canadian Sales team.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Our Key Account Management Program

Looking to elevate your hazardous materials management and operational safety to new heights?

DENIOS goes beyond the typical supplier-customer relationship. Our Key Account Management (KAM) program fosters a collaborative partnership built on equality and long-term growth.

Through close collaboration, our dedicated team of seasoned professionals gains a deep understanding of your unique needs and goals. We leverage this knowledge to craft customized solutions tailored to your challenges and regulatory environment.

Benjamin Collett

Key Account Manager


Benefits of our Key Account Management Program

  • Dedicated Account Management: A single point of contact ensures seamless communication and streamlines your experience.
  • Customized Solutions: We craft programs that perfectly align with your company's unique needs and objectives.
  • Exclusive Pricing & Options: Enjoy special pricing, shipping terms, and payment solutions designed for our key partners.
  • Proactive Support: We anticipate your evolving needs and proactively adapt our services to keep you secure and supported.

Your Voice Matters!

We're always striving to improve, and your feedback is essential. Share your thoughts on our products, services, and website in a quick and easy survey.

Discover our Custom Engineered Solutions

The DENIOS Engineered Solutions team goes beyond standard storage products. We collaborate with you to design and engineer custom storage systems for your specific needs. Our expertise spans secure chemical storage with features like temperature control and spill containment, cutting-edge lithium-ion battery storage solutions, and even automatic spill and flood barriers. We meticulously design each system to integrate seamlessly with your materials and processes, offering flexibility through our extensive range of standardized components.

Theresa Schindler

ES Sales Manager


Steven Eyer

ES Sales Manager


Jeff Burke

ES Sales


Talk to our product advisors today!

Explore more about your storage and containment requirements. Enjoy free complimentary product evaluation, whether on-site or virtual.

Get free Assesment 1-877-388-0187

Connect with Our Dynamic Human Resources Team

Welcome to the gateway of our vibrant Human Resources department. At DENIOS, we believe in the power of people. Our HR team is the heart of our organization and is dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusivity, growth, and innovation. As advocates for both our employees and our company's mission, we are committed to creating an environment where everyone thrives professionally and personally. Discover why DENIOS is not just a workplace, but a community where everyone is valued and empowered. Explore the opportunities awaiting you, and take the first step towards a fulfilling career with us. Below are links to our current job openings, each representing a chance to join a team shaping the future. We look forward to connecting with you and embarking on this journey together.

Erin Howard

Director of Administration


Mission, Vision & Corporate Values

Mission: We offer know-how and products to make our customers' businesses safer.

Vision: The world market leader for safe solutions in storing hazardous materials.

Corporate Values:


We act and communicate transparently and stand by what we say.


We develop innovative products and solutions for our customers.


We know what we are doing and share our know-how to support our customers worldwide.


We can rely on each other, and our customers trust us..


We are proud of our steady growth based on the solid foundation of a family business.

Uniting for a Sustainable Future

At DENIOS, our mission is clear: to fortify environmental protection and prioritize the well-being of our community. Our strength lies in our unity, collectively striving towards this shared objective. The 'Blue Ribbon of Unity symbolizes this solidarity,' embodying our collaborative ethos and steadfast approach.

In our quest for a sustainable tomorrow, we seek individuals ready to contribute their unique blend of personality, expertise, and passion. We firmly believe that each person holds the potential to enact positive change.

Join us in shaping the future with 'You Empower Tomorrow.'

Ready to be a catalyst for change?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have a problem with a DENIOS product or service?

DENIOS INC is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our customers. If you encounter any issues with our products or services, our customer support team is here to help. Feel free to Contact Us for assistance via email or phone.

Can I cancel my order after it's been placed?

If you're a private individual, you have 14 days from receiving your order to cancel it for any reason. Just make sure the item is still in its original condition. Click below for the next steps. 

What happens if I cancel my standard manufactured order after I receive it?

If you wish to cancel your order after receiving it, you'll be eligible for a partial refund. Please consult our Terms and Conditions for detailed information on this procedure.

Can I cancel a custom-made order?

Regrettably, cancelling a custom-made order usually involves a cancellation fee. This fee is set by DENIOS to cover the expenses already invested in crafting your order.

What are your payment terms?

DENIOS expects payment by the terms outlined in the quotation or invoice. We accept payments through wire transfers, credit cards, or debit cards. Late payments may result in additional fees.

What warranty do your products have?

DENIOS provides a one-year warranty on all Goods for material and workmanship defects under regular use. Chemical Storage Buildings have a ten-year warranty on specific components. Goods must be used and maintained as per DENIOS's instructions to qualify. Any defects must be reported within 10 days of discovery with evidence. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of defective parts only and excludes consequential or incidental damages, accidental shipping/installation damages, neglect, misuse, or damage from optional equipment installation

Who is responsible for damage during shipping?

Goods are shipped F.O.B. from Louisville, KY, Zip Code 40219. This indicates that the risk of loss or shipping/installation damage transfers to the buyer upon shipment. The buyer is responsible for initiating any claims with the freight company for damages incurred during transit.

Can I return a product?

You may return new, undamaged items within 15 days of receipt, subject to a 25% restocking fee, and you'll cover return shipping expenses. Damaged items cannot be returned.

Who is responsible for making sure the products comply with regulations?

DENIOS wants to ensure you have a smooth experience with their products. However, when it comes to following regulations, the onus falls on you, the buyer. You'll need to ensure the DENIOS products you purchase comply with all federal, state, and local laws relevant to how you plan to use them. This might involve researching regulations and obtaining permits or inspections from local authorities before installation or use. It's important to note that DENIOS doesn't guarantee that its products will meet every regulation in every location. They can only ensure compliance if it's specifically agreed to in writing by an authorized DENIOS representative. To avoid surprises, it's always a good idea to check with your local authorities or a qualified professional before buying to see if any permits or inspections are required for your specific use case.

What happens if DENIOS can't fulfill my order due to unforeseen circumstances?

Our terms and conditions feature a "force majeure" clause, absolving DENIOS of liability for delays or inability to fulfill orders due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. These include natural disasters, war, pandemics, labour strikes, or material shortages. DENIOS will resume order fulfillment promptly once conditions improve and normal operations resume.

Do you serve Canadian Customers

Yes. Please visit our Canadian site for accurate product and shipping information.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, mainly for México or Latin America, you'll need to get a quote directly from a DENIOS Sales Manager by emailing For orders outside America, please reach out to Denios Global.

What information will be on the delivery note?

Your Sales Order will include your order details (date, reference numbers, shipping addresses), product information (type, quantity, code), special storage instructions, and, if applicable, information on returning packaging materials to DENIOS.

What if I can't accept my delivery?

If you cannot take delivery within 3 business days of notification that your order is ready (excluding force majeure events or supplier errors), your order will be considered complete, and storage fees may apply.

Can I pay by credit card?

DENIOS accepts credit card payments. The full amount will be authorized upon order completion. If you place an order via email, you'll receive a payment link for our web platform.

Sharing Knowledge & Partnering for Success

DENIOS has been in the hazardous materials storage game for over 30 years. We're passionate about keeping people safe in the workplace and offer a wealth of resources through our online magazine, DENIOS Brands, and a downloadable resource center. We're constantly innovating and developing sustainable solutions, and our dedicated team is always looking for talented individuals to join our journey.

DENIOS Magazine

DENIOS Magazine is your one-stop shop for practical info on keeping your business safe. Find in-depth articles, handy checklists, and real-world examples to help you tackle any safety challenge. It's all completely free – dive in and start exploring!

Denios Press

Our press section keeps you updated on the latest developments at DENIOS. We believe in open communication and providing the resources you need to stay informed. Explore our press releases and discover valuable insights to help you on your safety journey.

Denios Download Center

Download a wealth of resources for free in our download center! Please find what you need quickly with our user-friendly filters by subject matter and document type. You can also request a printed version of our main catalog to be mailed to you.

Denios Brands

Explore our practical and reliable product lines designed to keep hazardous materials safe. We're constantly innovating and setting new safety standards, all with a deep commitment to protecting the environment. At DENIOS, safety and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

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