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Drum Transport Pallet

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It's a fact that most spills occur when transporting chemicals. Safely and securely move your chemicals with our Transport Pallets. Transport pallets with splash walls allow safe movement of drums with built-in spill containment protection as well as provide additional separation of your chemicals from the surrounding area.

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Drum Transport Pallet

Drum Transport Pallet

Transport Steel containment pallets, are perfect for secure transportation of Hazardous materials and waste chemicals. Choose between post chains, side rails, separation walls or single units. Made from painted steel and the galvanized grating is easily removed for sump cleanup. All units come with a forklift entrance.

Safe, Efficient Transport with Drum Transport Pallets

Choose between chain, side rail, splash-guard, and full wall designs to allow for safe, efficient transport and/or stacking.

  • 66-gallon sump volumes meet EPA and UFC requirements

  • Solidly welded, all steel construction for extended life

  • Sump welds are 100% tested and certified leak-free

  • Finished with a durable, hard-shell finish

  • Galvanized grating is easily removable for sump cleanup

  • Four-way forklift access

  • Available with optional security bars for safer transport

  • Choose between 2 and 4 drum capacities

  • Transport spill containment pallet 2 Drums
  • Transport spill containment 4 drums
  • Transport spill containment pallet stackable
  • Accesories

Transport Pallet with Separation Walls allows for safe movement of drums with built-in spill containment protection as well as provide additional separation of your chemicals from the surrounding area and Walls provide necessary separation from incompatible chemicals when dispensing. All transport pallets are manufactured with durability of all-steel construction insures years of use in even the harshest industrial conditions.

Drum transport pallets - Accesories

Choose from just side rails, posts/chains construction, side rails for frontal access, separation walls and stackable designs.

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