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Plunger Cans

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DENIOS plunger cans and spray bottle products are designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial applications, addressing both ergonomic considerations and essential safety features. These products prioritize the highest level of protection for employees and the environment, ensuring a safe working environment and sustainable practices.

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Plunger Cans and Spray Bottles

Plunger Cans and Spray Bottles

DENIOS provides a comprehensive selection of spray and plunger cans, including the Stainless-Steel Spray Can, offering a cost-effective method to apply precise amounts of liquid onto surfaces and parts during cleaning. These cans, available in stainless steel and polyethylene, are designed for securing humidification sponges and rags, providing versatile solutions for your cleaning needs.


Plunger Cans

FALCON Plunger Cans provide a safe and secure method of applying solvents or other chemicals to cleaning cloths. Activated by a spring pump with an internal flame arrestor, the can’s design enhances safety while moistening rags and sponges. After moistening, any residual chemical flows back into the container, reducing waste.

Choose between 1 and 2.5-liter capacities. Available in galvanized and stainless steel construction.

Spray Bottles

FALCON spray cans are available in a galvanized version with additional coating in safety yellow or stainless steel 1.4404 (SUS 316 L).

The ergonomic spray attachment made of plastic allows economical and metered spraying of the surfaces and parts to be cleaned. A screw-on extension with an adjustable nozzle is included as standard.

A multilingual security sticker for the content label, according to GHS, is included in the delivery of each FALCON spray can.

Dip Tank for Parts Cleaning

Do you need a compact and mobile solution for small parts cleaning? FALCON Dip Tanks have ergonomic carrying handles, so they can easily be transported to the place of use.

With its basic rectangular shape, you can effectively use the space even on small work surfaces, and it can be stored in hazardous-substance cabinets to save space after use. The container has an automatically closing lid, which protects the environment and employees in case of fire. A removable parts basket made of stainless steel is included as standard.

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