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Disposal Equipment

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DENIOS provides industrial cleaning and disposal equipment meticulously engineered to manage a broad spectrum of hazardous materials and waste. These products are specifically engineered to address hazards and ensure safe and compliant handling and disposal.

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment for Hazardous Materials

Disposal Equipment

DENIOS provides an extensive range of safety products and solutions for handling and disposing hazardous materials and environmentally friendly cleaning and waste management options. Plunger cans and spray containers ensure the highest safety when working with dangerous materials. Dip and wash tanks are ideal for degreasing and cleaning small components. DENIOS also offers environmentally friendly, solvent-free cleaning alternatives, promoting sustainability and reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

Proper waste management is crucial for businesses, and DENIOS offers a variety of solutions to facilitate waste separation and recycling. Recycling bins and storage containers are available for internal and external installation. We also provide hoppers, tilt trucks, and waste oil containers to meet specific operational needs, ensuring safe and compliant waste disposal practices.

Disposal Equipment

DENIOS offers a wide range of safety products for handling hazardous materials and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

  • Waste bins and Containers
  • Overpacks and Salvage Drums
  • Waste Oil equipment
  • Industrial hoppers and Tilt trucks
  • Stackable and Nesting containers
  • Drum Crusher

Industrial Cleaning

We offer many containers and waste collection stations to meet your needs. Our systems are designed to facilitate properly sorting and collecting waste materials for indoor or outdoor applications. With the increasing scarcity and cost of raw materials, even recycling smaller quantities of metal becomes worthwhile for operations. That's why DENIOS emphasizes the clean separation of residual and recyclable waste, allowing for more effective recycling processes and reducing the environmental impact.

Our collection containers are built to be highly robust, weather-resistant, and durable, ensuring long-term functionality and reliability. They are available in both module systems and as standalone containers, providing flexibility to accommodate your unique waste management requirements.

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