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Drum Storage Racking

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Welcome to our comprehensive selection of drum storage racking systems explicitly designed for secure and efficient 55-gallon drum containment. Our solutions ensure compliant hazardous storage, minimizing the risk of spills. Explore versatile components tailored to organize and accommodate various configurations, offering optimal safety and functionality to meet your specific drum storage needs.

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What is the best and safest way to store 55 gallon drums?

Safety Considerations for Drum Storage

Safe drum storage is paramount to prevent spills and maintain a secure workspace. Our drum-racking containment systems offer versatile components tailored to accommodate diverse combinations, meeting your specific storage requirements. These robust drum racks provide an ideal solution for storing and dispensing various substances, including oils, paints, inks, detergents, acids, alkalis, and other aggressive chemicals, prioritizing safety and organization in handling hazardous materials.

Optimizing Space and Accessibility

Our storage racks offer unparalleled versatility, allowing customizable assembly of shelves and spill trays tailored to individual needs. Our drum storage racks provide convenient access to barrel contents, specifically designed for storing and dispensing oils, paints, inks, detergents, acids, alkalis, and other aggressive chemicals.

Ease of transport is ensured with compatibility for forklift trucks, enabling efficient movement. Additionally, the stacking capability allows up to three drum storage racks to be securely stacked, optimizing vertical space and enhancing accessibility within your facility.

Drum Rack with Secondary Spill Containment

Our drum storage rack systems offer versatile configurations combining racks and sumps to match your storage needs. Tailored spill trays, available in durable steel or PE materials, accompany our drum racking systems, ensuring safe dispensing while safeguarding against spills.

Crafted from robust steel, our drum racks boast quick and effortless assembly, prioritizing durability and ease of setup. DENIOS provides a range of hazardous substance shelves meticulously designed to accommodate diverse applications, enabling safe storage and dispensing hazardous materials in drums and smaller containers across various industries.

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