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IBC Racking

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The Racking Tote storage system efficiently organizes containers in a compact space, maximizing floor space utilization while ensuring compliance with a built-in spill sump for containment.

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IBC Racking

IBC Racking

DENIOS Pallet Racks provide safe storage and filling of hazardous materials, specifically designed for IBCs and drums on pallets. The sumps comply with various regulations, ensuring secure storage with 100% tested and guaranteed leak-free performance.

Other significant benefits are:

  • Keep containers stacked in one compact area, ready for immediate use

  • Solidly welded, all steel construction for extended life

  • Components matched for required loads and volumes

  • Rack components are powder coated

  • Our IBC Racking with Spill Sump provides additional storage without consuming valuable floor space

IBC Tote Storage Rack & Spill Containment Pallet Combination

DENIOS IBC Tote Storage Racking maximizes space efficiency by keeping containers compact while providing compliant spill containment within the system.

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