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Pop-Up Flood Barriers

Introducing the DENIOS FM Approved Passive Pop-Up Flood Barrier (FM Approvals Class 2510, 2012).

This innovative solution acts as a flood "barrier" for your entrances, effectively preventing floodwaters from infiltrating your facilities. It encompasses the same robust construction and operational qualities as our doorway spill barrier, but it is purposefully engineered to address floodwater challenges..

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Product Description

The Passive, Pop-Up Flood Barrier installs easily in existing doorways and stores horizontally in the floor, permitting normal vehicular and personnel traffic, until a flood occurs. With the first flow of water the Barrier automatically closes. No additional ramps or berms are needed.

Federal Regulations along with Local Jurisdictions require that sprinkler water in combination with regulated or hazardous materials be prevented from being released into the environment via sewers, streams, or ground contamination. When a release occurs, fines and clean-up costs can be staggering.

In addition, the Features of the Pop-Up Flood Barrier Include:

  • Constructed from welded stainless steel for robustnes
  • Self-contained single-unit system design
  • Operates fully automatically, eliminating the need for external power sources or factory-compressed air
  • Simple installation within current doorways; remains stored horizontally in the floor, enabling smooth vehicular and personnel movement until a spill event arises
  • While in the flat position, the Barrier can support axle weights of up to 6.5 tons
  • Available in door heights of 12, 18, and 24 inches, and widths ranging from 3 to 12 feet
  • Versatile design accommodates installation either indoors or outdoors at exterior doors

Additional information, drawings and more!

CAD Drawings

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BIM Objects

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Proven standard worldwide

DENIOS has over 35 years of engineering experience and is represented in over 20 countries in America, Europe and Asia.

How to operate a Pop-Up Barrier?

Acquire our complimentary guide for download and access in-depth details covering maintenance, installation, testing, replacement components, and additional aspects.

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  • Maintenance Part 1
  • Inspection and Cleaning Part 1
  • Testing and Installations Part 2 - 4
  • Replacements Part 5
  • FM Flood Checklist Part 6
  • Flood Barrier Installation Part 7

Talk to our experts today!

Tell us your demand & we'll assist you all the way. Free expert assessment, on-premise or remote.

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It's the peace of mind protection you need against leaks and spills. Did you know? Flooding is the #1 insurance damage claim.

Grout recommendations

Guidelines for selecting the appropriate grout when installing the pop-up spill and flood barriers.

Pop-Up Barriers Sales Brochure

Are you interested in understanding the operation of a Spill or Flood Barrier?

Explore our brochure to gain insights into:

  • Description and Features
  • How it works
  • Approvals
  • Installation

Why choose a DENIOS Pop-Up Barrier?

  • For Spills...

For companies that store chemicals, leaks and spills are always a hazard. A Pop-Up Spill Barrier can be installed to separate incompatible materials within a single large facility or to contain potential spills and sprinkler releases at all perimeter access points of a facility.

  • For Floods...

Flooding can damage warehouses, equipment, and goods. Over 80% of flood losses result from flood waters less than 15” high. An FM-Approved, Pop-Up Flood Barrier can be installed on exterior doors to protect a facility's lower-level building access points or facility design/use modifications.

What are the benefits?

  • No electricity/human interaction needed

  • Instantaneously engages

  • Flat doorway opening without obstructions

  • Zero space requirements because everything is set inground and flush with floor

  • Code compliant

  • Mitigates potentially large insurance claims

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