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Safety Storage Cabinets

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Welcome to Denios' comprehensive array of safety storage cabinets designed to safeguard against the risks associated with hazardous materials in various workplace environments. Our commitment as industry leaders in hazardous material storage and work safety is reflected in diverse solutions. From flammable cabinets ensuring secure containment of hazardous liquids to fire-rated cabinets providing enhanced protection, lithium-ion battery storage solutions, and poly depots for aggressive chemicals – explore a suite of meticulously crafted options meeting stringent safety standards. Discover how our cabinets, built with premium materials and customizable features, cater to diverse industry needs, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like OSHA, NFPA, and TRGS 510. Dive into our selection guide and find the optimal safety storage solution tailored to your specific hazardous material requirements.

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2-Door Poly Cabinet - Poly Acid Corrosive Cabinet - 48 x 25 x 78
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1-Door Poly Cabinet - Poly Acid Corrosive Cabinet - 24 x 25 x 78
4 variants available
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Safety storage cabinets for a variety of stored chemicals


Safeguard your workplace with our versatile range of safety storage cabinets. Designed to meet stringent standards like OSHA and NFPA, our industrial storage cabinets ensure secure containment for various hazardous materials. From flammable storage cabinets to specialized lithium-ion cabinets, we prioritize workplace safety. Discover diverse options tailored for different substances, enhance your workplace's safety protocols, and wonder about the different types of safety storage cabinets. Explore our comprehensive collection, ensuring compliant and secure storage solutions for your workplace needs.

Importance of Secure Hazardous Material Storage

Secure hazardous material storage is pivotal for workplace safety. Our chemical storage cabinets are fortified barriers against accidents and environmental hazards, ensuring a controlled environment for potentially dangerous substances. Compliant with strict regulations like OSHA and NFPA, these cabinets minimize spills and leaks and facilitate easy access for efficient inventory management. Prioritizing employee safety and environmental protection, our cabinets are designed with features that mitigate risks, promoting a safer work atmosphere. Investing in our range of flammable storage cabinets and other specialized solutions underscores a commitment to responsible handling practices. It is a proactive step toward fostering a workplace culture centred around safety awareness and proactive hazard prevention.

Exploring Diverse Safety Cabinet Solutions

Materials, Features, and Customization for Optimal Security

Our safety storage cabinets are a testament to top-tier craftsmanship and innovative design. We prioritize delivering products that align with your business's safety storage needs. Each cabinet within our range boasts top-tier materials and customizable features meticulously crafted to ensure optimal security for handling hazardous substances. Whether the versatile flammable storage cabinets are equipped with adjustable shelves or the specialized lithium-ion cabinets fortified with fire-resistant features, every product is tailored to meet precise storage requirements.

Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance; it's about providing secure, tailored solutions that guarantee workplace safety. Delve into our diverse range, meticulously designed to accommodate different substances, offering compliance and a proactive approach to secure storage. With our cabinets, your business can trust a seamless blend of compliance, security, and tailored solutions, ensuring complete satisfaction with your safety storage needs.

Choosing the Ideal Safety Storage Solution

Selecting the right safety storage solution is not just important; it's critical for a safe and compliant workplace. At Denios, we pride ourselves on being the foremost authority on safety cabinets. Our diverse range encompasses cabinets meticulously tailored to cater to the storage needs of various substances, ensuring a comprehensive solution for every hazardous material.

Navigating the nuances of flammable, corrosive, or lithium-ion materials can be complex. That's where Denios stands as your trusted partner. We provide specialized options that meet and exceed stringent regulations, reflecting our commitment to uncompromised safety standards. Our industrial storage cabinets aren't just products; they are a testament to our expertise in ensuring workplace safety.

Moreover, if you are unsure about the type of cabinet your workplace requires, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the selection process. As the industry leader, we offer expert advice and assistance, ensuring you find the perfect fit tailored to your workplace's safety requirements. At Denios, it's not just about cabinets; it's about empowering your workplace with the proper safety solutions.

Comprehensive Range of Hazardous Material Storage Products

Lithium-Ion Cabinets

DENIOS offers specialized Energy Storage Cabinets designed exclusively for Lithium-Ion batteries, providing secure containment and 90-minute fire resistance. These advanced cabinets, crafted from powder-coated sheet steel, ensure comprehensive safety during battery charging, featuring self-closing doors and liquid-tight spill sumps for fire prevention.

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Fire Rated Cabinets

Denios' Fire Rated Cabinets offer safe and approved storage for flammable substances with 90 and 30-minute fire ratings, robust construction and adjustable shelves, perfect for aggressive hazardous materials. These cabinets, available in different sizes and equipped with ventilation systems and lockable doors, ensure secure chemical storage.

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Poly Cabinets

DENIOS provides tailored storage solutions for aggressive substances like acids, ensuring compliance with environmental laws and prioritizing workplace safety. Our polyethylene range of cabinets, including acid cabinets for industrial use and PolyStore cabinets for environmental protection, supports productivity while meeting stringent regulations.

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Flammable Safety Cabinets

Storing flammable liquids demands an ideal solution like DENIOS' flammable storage cabinets. These cabinets, offered in diverse widths and sizes, boast versatile features such as adjustable shelves, slide-out spill trays, and built-in exhaust air systems, customizable to suit unique needs. Explore our line of flammable safety cabinets.

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Corrosive Cabinets

Corrosive safety cabinets are designed to store acids and corrosive substances, offering protection against hazards by containing spills to prevent worksite contamination. These cabinets feature chemical-resistant coatings, safeguarding surfaces against spills and leaks and ensuring a secure environment for handling corrosive materials.

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Safe Storage Requirements for Hazardous Substances

Different hazardous substances have additional requirements for their storage location. The TRGS 510 (Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances) requires that all quantities of unsafe substances exceeding the daily requirement be stored in a hazardous substance storage facility at the end of the workday, such as a dangerous substance container, hazardous substance cabinet, or safety cabinet. Hazardous substance cabinets enable safe storage directly at the workplace.

For flammable liquids such as fuels, oils, paints, or dyes, our space-saving DENIOS under-counter cabinets, air filtration cabinets with extraction, combination cabinets for simultaneous storage of various flammable liquids, or drum cabinets for more extensive storage are suitable according to EN 14470-1.

For non-flammable, aggressive hazardous substances such as certain acids and alkalis, unique acid cabinets and alkali cabinets with corrosion-resistant construction are used, or chemical cabinets are used to store chemicals and toxins safely.

Other types of DENIOS hazardous substance cabinets include fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets for indoor and outdoor storage of compressed gas cylinders, safety cabinets with self-closing doors, and high fire resistance for storing lithium-ion batteries (accumulators).

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