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Safety Storage Cabinets

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DENIOS safety cabinets offer secure storage for flammable hazardous materials in work areas. Their compact design allows for the safe storage of small containers or drums near the workplace or laboratory.

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Safety storage cabinets for a variety of stored chemicals

Please browse our extensive product range for chemical industrial storage, where you'll find various storage solutions, including Flammable Cabinets for fire-resistant aerosols, paint, canisters, and flammable liquids protection. For even higher security, we offer Fire-rated cabinets certified for 30-90 minutes of fire protection. Additionally, we provide innovative storage and charging solutions for Lithium-ion batteries.

Explore our range of Poly depots for secure storage of acids and alkalis or other aggressive chemicals. Our all-purpose depots are designed to meet legal compliance requirements and ensure the safe storage of hazardous substances. With our safety storage cabinets, you can achieve the highest level of security while maintaining efficient work processes. They are suitable for laboratories, stores, and warehouses, providing a safe and secure storage solution for hazardous liquids.

DENIOS hazardous liquids cabinets provide long-term investment security with high-quality materials, proven concepts, and tested performance. These cabinets are designed to meet the highest safety standards, with many carrying FM Approval. Customize your storage solution with additional shelves, drip trays, and pull-out shelves for enhanced functionality and convenience.


DENIOS offers a range of flammable cabinets designed to store flammable containers safely, such as paint cans, release agents, oils, and cleaners. These fire-resistant hazardous materials cabinets ensure strict compliance with storage regulations. Choose from standard cabinets for workbench placement, base cabinets, or wall-mounted cabinets based on the available space and specific requirements. We provide various cabinet types, including flammable, paint and ink, pesticide, and corrosive storage cabinets, catering to different storage needs.

Manual and automatic hinged or folding doors are standard closure solutions in flammable cabinets.


Special standards and regulations apply to the storage of flammable liquids and other hazardous substances in work rooms, with OSHA and NFPA standards and the technical rules for hazardous substances. DENIOS safety cabinets meet these requirements and effectively protect the environment and employees. All hazardous materials cabinets have one thing in common: long-term investment security for the customer using high-quality materials, proven concepts, and tested quality. Each cabinet has tried and tested standard equipment. Depending on the model, additional shelves, collecting trays, pull-out shelves, fully automatic folding doors, and door arrester systems with automatic closing can be optionally configured or are available as accessories in our shop. Which cabinet is the right one for your application?

  • hazardous materials cabinets
  • Chemical Cabinets
  • Vertical Cabinets
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Combination and multi-purpose storage cabinets
  • lithium-ion cabinets


Safety storage cabinets are always the right choice when it comes to the safe storage of flammable media. Paint cans, release agents, oils, or cleaning agents must be at hand quickly but must be stored under strict conditions. A fire-resistant cabinet offers optimal conditions for this. Depending on the space available at the place of use, we offer the following cabinet types:

Our solutions are used in agriculture, research, industry, and laboratories, among others. They are Extremely robust designs with scratch-proof surfaces and triple-hinged doors for extreme strain. Doors stay in place at any opening angle for more convenient handling of containers.

Many different models and equipment variants are available for the various application areas with 90-minute or 30-minute fire resistance.


Different hazardous substances have different requirements for their storage location. The TRGS 510 (Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances) requires that all quantities of hazardous substances exceeding the daily requirement be stored in a hazardous substance storage facility at the end of the workday, such as a hazardous substance container, hazardous substance cabinet, or safety cabinet. Hazardous substance cabinets enable safe storage directly at the workplace.

For flammable liquids such as fuels, oils, paints, or dyes, our space-saving DENIOS under-counter cabinets, air filtration cabinets with extraction, combination cabinets for simultaneous storage of various flammable liquids, or drum cabinets for larger storage are suitable according to EN 14470-1.

For non-flammable aggressive hazardous substances such as certain acids and alkalis, special acid cabinets and alkali cabinets with corrosion-resistant construction are used, or chemical cabinets for the safe storage of chemicals and toxins.

Other types of DENIOS hazardous substance cabinets include fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets for indoor and outdoor storage of compressed gas cylinders, and safety cabinets for the storage of lithium-ion batteries (accumulators) with self-closing doors and high fire resistance.

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