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Pop-Up Spill Barriers

Industrial spills can be costly and disruptive, causing damage to property, injuries, and environmental hazards. Chemical spill containment, warehouse spill control, and hazardous material spill containment are all crucial aspects of a safe and compliant industrial facility. DENIOS offers a revolutionary solution: our automatic Pop-Up Spill Barriers. These innovative barriers deploy immediately upon contact with liquids, automatically stopping spills in their tracks and containing hazardous materials. Easy to install and requiring no electricity to operate, Pop-Up Spill Barriers provide regulatory-compliant spill protection while minimizing disruption to your daily operations. Learn more about the benefits of Denios Pop-Up Spill Barriers and how they can protect your facility from costly spills.

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Industrial spills present significant hazards, resulting in expensive damages, potential injuries, and severe environmental consequences. Implementing robust spill containment protocols for chemicals, warehouses, and hazardous substances is crucial to ensure safety and adherence to regulations in industrial environments. The demand for effective, dependable, and easily deployable spill control solutions is more pressing than ever.

DENIOS introduces the innovative Pop-Up Spill Barrier. These automatic barriers operate without electricity and are crafted for rapid and simple installation, offering instant compliance with spill protection regulations. Incorporating DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers into your infrastructure promotes enhanced safety and seamless operations, effortlessly protecting your assets and the environment. Please view our video to discover how this advanced solution can revolutionize your spill response plan.

Industrial Spill Control: Automated Pop-Up Spill Barriers by DENIOS

Automatic spill containment is no longer a futuristic vision. DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers represent a revolutionary approach to industrial spill control. These intelligent barriers deploy automatically upon contact with liquids, stopping spills in their tracks and containing hazardous materials before they can cause extensive damage.

Pop-up spill Barriers function entirely without electricity, ensuring immediate response even during a power outage. This automatic operation eliminates the need for human intervention, minimizing reaction time and maximizing spill containment.

Additionally, the characteristics of the Pop-Up Spill Barrier encompass:

  • Constructed from stainless steel through solid welding - Remarkable chemical resistance
  • Self-contained single-unit system design
  • Completely automatic functionality, devoid of any need for external power sources
  • Effortless installation within current doorways; stored horizontally in the floor, facilitating unimpeded movement of vehicles and personnel until a spill event transpires
  • In its flat position, the Barrier can bear axle weights of up to 6.5 tons
  • Engineered to fit doorways spanning 3 to 16 feet, with barrier heights ranging from 12 to 24 inches (note: 16‘ x 24“ size is unavailable)

Stop Catastrophic Spills: Automatic Spill Containment with Pop-Up Barriers

Catastrophic spills can have devastating consequences for industrial facilities. Chemical, hazardous material, and large-volume spills can lead to environmental damage, property loss, worker injuries, and significant downtime. DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers offer a robust line of defense against these threats.

By automatically containing spills at their source, Pop-Up Barriers prevent hazardous materials from spreading throughout your facility. This reduces the risk of contamination, equipment damage, and personal injury. The automatic deployment ensures a faster response time, minimizing the overall impact of a spill and saving your business time and money.

Preventative Measures: Effective Spill Prevention Solutions with Pop-Up Barriers

Spill prevention is a cornerstone of industrial safety. DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers go beyond simply reacting to spills – they play a proactive role in spill prevention. By strategically installing Pop-Up Barriers in doorways and other vulnerable areas, you can create a secondary containment zone that stops spills before they reach critical areas of your facility.

Pop-Up Spill Barriers are ideal for a variety of industrial settings, including:

  • Chemical storage facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Factories

The automatic deployment of Pop-Up Barriers ensures spill containment even when spills occur unexpectedly. This proactive approach to spill prevention can significantly reduce the likelihood of costly clean-up operations and environmental damage.

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Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers, specifically engineered for industrial environments. Here's a breakdown of their features:

  1. Passive Construction: Built with durable stainless steel, these barriers have a weighted base to stay flat when not in use. This design optimizes space and keeps traffic flowing smoothly without hindrance.

  2. Automatic Deployment: Featuring a float system, these barriers activate upon detecting liquids in their collection sump. This automatic deployment swiftly responds to floods and spills, minimizing potential damage.

  3. Rapid Response: Immediate activation upon liquid contact ensures quick containment of spills, reducing downtime and protecting your premises from harm.

  4. Waterproof Seal: When in contact with floodwater, the barrier creates a tight seal, preventing water penetration and safeguarding valuable assets, inventory, and personnel.

  5. Easy Reset: Resetting the barrier to its flat position after the threat subsides is effortless, preparing it for future events.

DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers offer a hassle-free and reliable solution for industrial facilities. Their automated design and rapid response capabilities provide peace of mind, ensuring the safety of your assets and personnel.

Manufacturing Facility Spill Control: Automatic Barriers for Enhanced Safety

Manufacturing facilities are particularly susceptible to industrial spills. Chemical, oil, and hazardous material spills threaten worker safety and operational efficiency. DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers provide a reliable and automatic solution for spill control in manufacturing facilities.

Pop-up spill Barriers can be installed in doorways, separating production areas and minimizing the spread of spills. Their automatic deployment ensures a rapid response to spills, protecting workers from exposure to hazardous materials. Additionally, pop-up barriers help maintain a clean and safe work environment, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall productivity.

The DENIOS Advantage: Why Choose Pop-Up Spill Barriers?

Industrial facilities face a constant risk of chemical, hazardous material, and large-volume spills. These events can be disastrous, leading to environmental damage, property loss, worker injuries, and costly downtime. DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers provide a superior solution for industrial spill control, offering several key advantages over traditional methods.

  • Automatic and Unattended Operation: Unlike traditional spill containment measures that require manual activation, Pop-Up Spill Barriers are automatic. They deploy instantly upon contact with liquids, eliminating the need for human intervention and guaranteeing a lightning-fast response to any spill event.
  • Immediate Spill Containment: Every second counts when it comes to containing a spill. Pop-up spill Barriers activate immediately, stopping spills in their tracks and preventing them from spreading throughout your facility. This minimizes the size and impact of the spill, saving time and money on cleanup operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Spill containment regulations vary depending on your industry and location. DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers are designed to comply with relevant EPA standards, giving you peace of mind that your facility is meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Easy Installation and Minimal Disruption: Pop-up spill Barriers can be installed quickly and easily in doorways and other critical locations. They lie flat when not in use, allowing for free vehicle and foot traffic throughout your facility. This minimizes disruption to your daily operations and ensures spill protection is always in place.
  • Durable Stainless-Steel Construction: Built to withstand harsh chemicals and heavy loads, Pop-Up Spill Barriers are constructed from solid welded stainless steel. This ensures reliable performance for years to come, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

Models and Sizes

Item Number Liquid Retention Height Nominal Width of Door Opening Span Sealed Width Shipping Weight
R14-0312 12 in 3 ft 36 in 40 in 335 lbs
R14-0412 12 in 4 ft 48 in 52 in 256 lbs
R14-0612 12 in 6 ft 72 in 76 in 485 lbs
R14-0812 12 in 8 ft 96 in 100 in 685 lbs
R14-1012 12 in 10 ft 120 in 124 in 795 lbs
R14-1212 12 in 12 ft 144 in 148 in 1085 lbs
R14-1412 12 in 14 ft 168 in 172 in 1478 lbs
R14-1612 12 in 16 ft 192 in 196 in 1402 lbs
Item Number Liquid Retention Height Nominal Width of Door Opening Span Sealed Width Shipping Weight
R14-0318 18 in 3 ft 36 in 40 in 405 lbs
R14-0418 18 in 4 ft 48 in 52 in 475 lbs
R14-0618 18 in 6 ft 72 in 76 in 540 lbs
R14-0818 18 in 8 ft 96 in 100 in 830 lbs
R14-1018 18 in 10 ft 120 in 124 in 970 lbs
R14-1218 18 in 12 ft 144 in 148 in 1110 lbs
R14-1418 18 in 14 ft 168 in 172 in 1383 lbs
R14-1618 18 in 16 ft 192 in 196 in 1200 lbs
Item Number Liquid Retention Height Nominal Width of Door Opening Span Sealed Width Shipping Weight
R14-0324 24 in 3 ft 36 in 40 in 455 lbs
R14-0424 24 in 4 ft 48 in 52 in 507 lbs
R14-0624 24 in 6 ft 72 in 76 in 800 lbs
R14-0824 24 in 8 ft 120 in 100 in 970 lbs
R14-1024 24 in 10 ft 144 in 124 in 1085 lbs
R14-1224 24 in 12 ft 168 in 148 in 1315 lbs
R14-1424 24 in 14 ft 168 in 172 in 2336 lbs


The automatic deployment of Pop-Up Spill Barriers is what truly sets them apart. Unlike manual spill response methods that can take precious time to activate, Pop-Up Barriers react immediately, confining spills before they have a chance to spread.

This automatic containment offers several significant benefits:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By containing spills at the source, Pop-Up Barriers help to protect the environment from hazardous material contamination.

  • Minimized Property Damage: The fast and effective containment of spills reduces the risk of damage to equipment, inventory, and building structures.

  • Enhanced Worker Safety: Automatic spill containment helps to protect workers from exposure to hazardous materials, promoting a safer work environment.

  • Lower Cleanup Costs: The smaller size and controlled nature of contained spills reduces the time and resources required for cleanup operations.

Protecting Personnel and Property: Minimize Spill Damage

Industrial spills can be a significant threat to personnel and property. Pop-up spill Barriers are vital in minimizing spill damage through automatic spill containment.

  • Reduced Equipment Damage: Pop-up spill Barriers help to minimize equipment damage by containing spills before they can reach and corrode sensitive equipment.

  • Inventory Protection: Spills can also damage or contaminate raw materials, finished products, and other inventory stored within your facility. Pop-up spill barriers help protect your inventory by confining spills and preventing them from spreading to unaffected areas.

  • Building Protection: Large spills can damage floors, walls, and other structures. Pop-up spill Barriers help protect your building from spill damage by containing liquids before they can cause extensive corrosion or warping.

  • Reduced Business Disruption: The automatic containment of spills offered by Pop-Up Barriers minimizes the time and effort required for cleanup. This helps to get your facility back up and running as quickly as possible, reducing business disruption and lost productivity.

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