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Containment Shelving

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Welcome to Denios, your premier destination for high-quality containment shelving explicitly designed to store hazardous chemicals and materials safely. Our extensive collection of chemical storage shelves includes a range of solutions, from spill trays to caged containment shelving and rack containment systems, ensuring compliance and safety in handling dangerous substances.

Our commitment lies in providing durable and reliable containment shelving, meeting industry standards and regulations for chemical storage. At Denios, we understand the importance of safe storage practices, so we're here to help. Whether you're seeking containment shelving solutions or guidance on the best methods for storing chemicals, our expertise and products are tailored to your needs.

Want to ensure you're following the essential rules for storing chemicals safely? Discover the four fundamental guidelines to maintain a secure chemical storage environment with our comprehensive resources and expert advice.

Explore our range of containment shelving solutions today and ensure a safe, compliant, and organized space for hazardous materials.

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Selecting the appropriate Containment Shelving

What are the 4 general rules for storing chemicals?

The safe storage of hazardous chemicals is integral to laboratory safety. While there's no universal method, regulations, campus requirements, and best practices serve as guides. Understanding the hazards of stored chemicals starts with maintaining an updated inventory and comprehending the associated risks. This will ensure you select the appropriate chemical storage shelves.

  1. Proper Storage Conditions

    Ensuring chemicals are stored securely is paramount. This involves using stable, wall-mounted shelves below eye level to prevent accidents. It's crucial to avoid storing chemicals on floors, ledges, or balconies and keep containers closed when not used. Employing secondary containment for liquids and ensuring proper labeling and compatibility between containers and chemicals are essential practices.

  2. Chemical Segregation

    Chemical segregation minimizes the risk of unintended reactions. By categorizing chemicals based on hazards like pyrophorics, flammables, corrosives, oxidizers, and toxins, it becomes easier to store them separately. Specific storage guidelines for materials such as explosives, compressed gases, and cryogens should be strictly followed to prevent hazardous interactions.

  3. Handling Multiple Hazard Classes

    Handling chemicals that belong to multiple hazard classes requires a prioritization strategy. Assessing and prioritizing hazards is essential, emphasizing the most critical properties for storage purposes. For instance, a chemical with pyrophoric properties should be stored considering this characteristic's significance over other hazards.

  4. Storage Limitations

    Minimizing the quantities of stored hazardous chemicals reduces the likelihood and severity of incidents. It's crucial to adhere to storage limitations outlined in regulatory guidelines like the campus Chemical Hygiene Plan. Seeking information from labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and consulting Chemical Safety staff for advice is vital in maintaining safe storage practices.

Choose the correct storage solution to suit your application

DENIOS offers specialized Hazardous Material Containment Shelving designed to ensure secure storage for small containers carrying hazardous water, flammable liquids, or corrosive chemicals, tailored to suit specific models.

Our Hazardous Material Containment Shelving provides a safe and contained environment for small-volume containers. Its open-caged design allows easy visibility of all stored materials, promoting efficient monitoring.

This containment shelving has sump pallets featuring galvanized steel or polyethylene grid options and expandable capabilities using shelf and extension units. Adjustable storage levels in 1-inch increments offer enhanced adaptability to varying container sizes.

Crafted with a galvanized frame and a protective powder coating, our containment shelving ensures durability and resilience. Delivered in a convenient flat pack, it allows for straightforward self-assembly. Alternatively, opt for hassle-free shipping with fully assembled shelving, ready for immediate use upon arrival. Explore our assortment of chemical storage shelving and protect your business today!

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