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Lithium-Ion Cabinets

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DENIOS presents its Energy Storage Cabinet specifically crafted for Lithium-Ion batteries, ensuring secure containment and charging. These meticulously designed lithium-ion battery storage containers guarantee comprehensive safeguarding, including 90-minute fire resistance against external sources. DENIOS' cutting-edge battery charger cabinets, integrated within our Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Cabinet lineup, guarantee secure and fire-resistant containment during battery charging processes. Constructed from powder-coated sheet steel, they incorporate a tested, liquid-tight spill sump to manage battery leaks that may catch fire. These fireproof lithium battery storage cabinets also feature self-closing doors and high-quality oil-damped door closers, further enhancing safety measures. Explore our range of lithium-ion cabinets, meticulously engineered with cutting-edge fireproof battery storage technology, ensuring a secure and reliable solution for energy storage.

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Technical expertise — Lithium-ion battery Storage Cabinets


Safe solutions for active and passive storage

  • Dangerous: Unattended storing and charging of batteries.

  • All-round protection: ION-LINE safety storage cabinets for your safety.

Frequent, sometimes weekly accidents and countless damages prove that the unattended charging and storing of batteries, for example, overnight, poses significant risks and dangers. People were admitted to hospitals with smoke inhalation and burns—high property damages, leading to the financial ruin of companies and other organizations. Knowing this clarifies why lithium-ion battery storage containers are crucial to your business. Our lithium-ion battery charger cabinets, a pivotal part of our safety storage solutions, ensure comprehensive protection against fire hazards during the charging and storage of batteries, featuring self-closing doors and liquid-tight spill containment. Discover the latest lithium-ion cabinet design, featuring advanced safety measures like fireproof battery storage, perfect for residential and commercial energy storage applications.

To maintain the insurance coverage, managing directors or their equivalent must provide suitable energy storage cabinets, like fireproof lithium battery storage containers and battery charging cabinet solutions for lithium-ion batteries. They are responsible for:

  • 1.Their employees and are obliged to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • 2. They are also personally liable if inadequate fire protection measures are taken. This includes damage to property, possible damage to neighbouring facilities and, if necessary, the costs for large-scale evacuation measures.

DENIOS also offers a custom lithium-ion battery storage building that can hold bigger batteries and larger quantities. Great for storing, testing, and charging batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery Risks and Fire Prevention

Lithium-ion batteries pose various fire hazards due to thermal runaway, deep discharge, and mechanical deformation. Thermal runaway, triggered by overheating, can lead to extreme fires and explosions within minutes, fueled by stored lithium and oxygen. Deep discharge, caused by prolonged non-use, can produce combustible gases, leading to short circuits or fires during recharging attempts. Mechanical deformation, from mishandling or internal defects, can cause internal short circuits, risking fire outbreaks.

When a lithium-ion battery ignites, it generates oxygen, requiring specialized suppression powders or granules to combat the resulting Class D fires involving burning metals. It's essential to stock adequate suppression materials as a preventive measure. These materials displace oxygen, absorb heat, and create an impermeable cover over the fire load, effectively preventing reactions with oxygen.

Beyond fire outbreaks, lithium batteries risk releasing hazardous substances, such as hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acids, potentially harming workers through skin contact or inhalation if a reaction occurs. Understanding these risks is crucial for effective risk mitigation and workplace safety.

These are real consequences of improper storage and charging of lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries pose major fire and eruption hazards.

Under certain circumstances, damaged batteries can spontaneously ignite or become unstable and explode when heated. According to the ADR, lithium-ion batteries are classified as hazardous materials and must be handled appropriately.

Legislative bodies do not yet have requirements for storing hazardous materials. Numerous insurance companies and associations have included clear guidelines in their contracts, showing the acute need for action. Using fireproof lithium battery storage containers and battery charging cabinets is crucial to keeping your employees and business safe. Ensure compliance and safety with DENIOS's battery charger cabinet solutions, designed to mitigate risks associated with unattended charging, offering 90-minute fire resistance and a tested, liquid-tight spill sump for containing potential battery leaks.

According to insurers and associations, batteries of medium capacity must spatially or structurally (in a fire-resistant manner) be separated from other areas. Spatial separation by storing the defective batteries outdoors is only possible if a safety distance of 10 m surrounds the site.

In addition, you must consider the manufacturer's instructions for energy storage cabinets. Let the team at Denios help you find the perfect lithium-ion battery storage container. Our website offers state-of-the-art lithium-ion cabinets with fireproof battery storage, providing peace of mind and protection for your energy storage needs.

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