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Pallet Rack Sumps and Inserts

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Welcome to our comprehensive selection of pallet rack sumps and inserts designed to provide effective spill containment beneath your existing pallet racking systems. Our versatile range ensures safety and compliance, offering robust solutions for warehouse spill containment. Explore specialized sumps and pallets tailored to enhance the security and functionality of your pallet rack systems, guaranteeing secure containment and compliance in your warehouse environment.

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Understanding Pallet Rack Sumps and Inserts

Functionality of Pallet Rack Inserts

Experience enhanced spill prevention with our specially designed pallet rack inserts strategically placed beneath the rack systems. Achieve unparalleled versatility by seamlessly combining stackable drum racks with our spill containment sumps, allowing tailored configurations to match your unique requirements precisely. Our spill containment sumps adhere rigorously to OSHA and EPA regulations, adeptly capturing any drips or spills during dispensing, ensuring a pristine and secure working environment. Crafted from durable, galvanized heavy-gauge steel, these components guarantee enduring, corrosion-resistant performance, assuring long-term reliability.

Composition and Materials of Pallet Rack Sumps

  • Sump of heavy gauge steel for extended life

  • 66-gallon sump volumes meet EPA & UFC requirements

  • Sump welds are 100% inspected with a low-viscous test to ensure leak tightness

  • Fully welded frame construction

  • Pallets are complete with forklift pocket

Accessories for Enhanced Pallet Rack Containment

Enhance the functionality and versatility of our pallet rack containment systems with an array of specialized accessories. From galvanized steel grating offering secure platforms for vertical drums to poly sump liners catering to highly corrosive liquids, these accessories are meticulously designed to meet or exceed EPA & UFC requirements. Explore options such as varied drum configurations, ensuring optimal spill containment while providing added security and durability to your setup. Let Denios' expertise keep your company and employees safe.

  • Some models are also available with Grating

  • Galvanized Steel Grating provides a secure platform for vertical drums

  • Poly Sump Liners available for highly corrosive liquids

  • Sump volumes meet or exceed EPA & UFC requirements

  • Horizontal/vertical drum configurations include galvanized grating for the sump - purely horizontal configurations do not

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