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Chemical storage buildings and containers

Our chemical storage buildings are engineered to serve as accessible operational facilities (Walk-in) or dedicated storage spaces, depending on your specific needs and legal certifications. We provide Hazmat chemical storage options for non-fire-rated buildings or rack-style storage of containers, with certifications and approvals and built following FM Global, NFPA, and OSHA regulations.

Additionally, we offer fire-rated storage options for both 2-hour and 4-hour durations. These chemical storage buildings are equipped to accommodate drums, IBC totes, or any other type of chemical container. This solution ensures the safe and efficient supply of chemicals needed during operational hours.

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How should chemical containers be stored?

We offer a wide range of options for chemical storage design; when it comes to selecting the correct storage unit for your chemicals, the first question we need to ask ourselves is whether the building will be operational for employees or storage only.

If it’s a walking storage building, your employees must enter the safety storage unit and work around the chemicals. Safety is always a critical factor in activities such as dispensing and dosing, and more protection is needed, such as fire protection and secondary spill protection. DENIOS is a trailblazer in developing Chemical Storage Buildings for drums and IBCs as a safer and more effective alternative to Walk-In/Occupancy buildings for chemical storage. These non-occupancy buildings are designed to prevent any need for personnel to enter a potentially hazardous environment, as they feature full-face opening door styles that allow all materials to be moved via forklift. This provides complete physical separation of stored chemicals from the surrounding facility and other incompatible chemicals or ignitions, enhancing safety levels.

Common Applications:

  • Segregated storage options for flammable or other process chemicals, which can be located either indoors or outdoors
  • Solutions for the separation of flammable liquids from general warehousing areas
  • Temperature-controlled options
  • Higher volume waste accumulation and storage areas

Instead, when you only have storage of your chemicals, you handle those IBC or drum containers with handling equipment. Usually, these units are installed outside or inside the facility; we recommend racking-style buildings and adding a climate control unit as an example.

A full-face opening door style allows all materials to be moved via forklift, relieving personnel from entering a potentially hazardous environment. Choose between single- or multi-tiered designs with standard single-sided or custom double-sided access. Chemical storage buildings are suitable for indoor or outdoor placement and provide complete physical separation of stored chemicals from the surrounding facility and other incompatible chemicals or ignition sources.

Common Applications:

  • Suitable for both IBC tote and drum storage
  • Suitable storage for outdoors only for flammables and combustibles
  • Suitable for Lithium-ION Batteries

Choosing Fire-rated chemical storage

Hazmat chemical storage (non-combustible) is recommended for all applications that do not require fire protection but require FM-approved, multiple drums and totes capacity and accessories. Flammable storage buildings offer protection for 2 - 4 hours fire-rated.

Whether your building needs to be fire-rated chemical storage depends on the chemicals you are storing. Among many main factors, chemical compatibility plays a vital role in the selection, plus weather and climate factors. Usually, we will ask you for technical information when providing a quote, but several factors play a role in adding fire protection.

All units are built to accommodate indoor and outdoor placement, with roll-up doors. Our buildings are delivered ready for placement and use and can be easily moved using a fork truck or crane.

It is the optimal solution for storing large quantities of hazardous substances in a separate fire compartment when maintaining safety distances to prevent fire damage is impossible. We also have a version of our RFP for safely storing Lithium-Ion batteries with fire protection for up to 2 hours.

We also handle the Occupancy solutions when the employee has to enter the building and dispense, fill, or use it as a work area. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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