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Drum and IBC Tote Accessories

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Enhance your Drum & IBC Management: Elevate efficiency and safety in handling drums and IBC totes by utilizing DENIOS' premium assortment of accessories. Discover our wide array tailored to streamline all process stages, from safe dispensing to seamless filling, while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

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IBC Funnel - Large Version -Large Drain Opening
2 variants available
from $150.00 Excl. Tax
Full IBC funnel Kit
$425.00 Excl. Tax
Poly Funnel for Drums
$120.00 Excl. Tax
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Essential Accessories for Drums & IBC Totes

Drum Pumps & Dispensing

Effortless Drum Dispensing: Ensure safe and efficient transfer of liquids from drums and IBC totes with DENIOS' drum pumps. Our pumps cater to various viscosities, guaranteeing a perfect match for your needs. Find manual and electric options for effortless dispensing in hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

As experts in hazardous material storage solutions, DENIOS knows the safe handling of drums and has provided material handling equipment for chemicals for over 35 years. Emphasis has been given to systems for secure handling and usage, guaranteeing optimal safety for people and the environment.

Drum Funnels & Pouring Aids

Eliminate Spills & Ensure Clean Fills: DENIOS' eco-friendly polyethylene and steel drum funnels prevent spills and guarantee mess-free filling for drums and IBC totes of all sizes. Choose various options to find the perfect funnel for your container and application. Invest in a tote funnel for effortless IBC filling and experience the difference.

Drum Heaters & Temperature Control

Maintain Optimal Liquid Temperatures: Maintain consistent viscosities and ensure efficient flow with DENIOS' drum and IBC tote heaters. Our user-friendly heater blankets offer precise temperature control for individual drums or IBCs, making them a cost-effective solution for various industrial needs.

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Other Important Drum Accessories:

DENIOS has developed and produced various products and technical solutions for every drum handling task, be it lifting, moving, turning, tipping, or emptying.

  • Samplers
  • Drum Pumps
  • Drum and IBC Heaters
  • Drum Mixers
  • Grounding and bonding cables
  • Drum Operners, Deheaders and tools
  • Flow Meters
  • Drum and IBC Funnels
  • Drum Faucets and Valves
  • Drum Tops

DENIOS also provides drum safety accessories, including fill level indicators, safety vents, pumps, drum openers and wrenches, IBC openers, grounding leads, and cables.

Essential Drum and IBC Tote Handling Equipment

In addition to our comprehensive selection of drum and IBC tote accessories, DENIOS provides a robust range of drum and tote handling equipment. This includes forklift attachments for secure drum transportation, ergonomic drum lifters to reduce manual strain, and durable drum carts for efficient movement within your facility. We even offer spill containment solutions and drum storage accessories to ensure a safe and organized work environment. Explore our complete drum and IBC tote handling equipment selection to find everything you need for a streamlined and secure operation.

Moreover, DENIOS provides a variety of forklift attachments designed to lift, transport, and position drums, enabling users to maneuver and store drums efficiently without manual handling. These attachments facilitate the placement of drums nearby on shelves, optimizing storage space while ensuring convenience and safety.

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