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Drum Faucet and Drum Valve

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DENIOS faucets are the perfect tool for controlled emptying and filling of containers. Designed to prevent uncontrolled leakage of liquids, these faucets ensure safe and efficient handling of fluids.

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Drum Faucet and Drum Valve

Drum Faucet and Drum Valve

To ensure compliance with safety and protection regulations, it is crucial to have appropriate aids for the controlled and thorough emptying of drums and IBCs. Complete emptying of drums containing potentially hazardous contents is necessary, and various types of faucets, such as drain faucets, are suitable for this purpose. These faucets facilitate safe and efficient draining, promoting adherence to safety guidelines.

Safely Dispense with DENIOS

DENIOS offers various outlet faucets for drum applications in polyethylene, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, or gray cast iron. Appropriate material selection depends on the drum type and the liquid being handled. DENIOS faucets are the ideal tool for safe and controlled emptying and filling containers, effectively preventing any uncontrolled leakage of fluids.

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