IBC Tote Dispensing Stations

IBC Tote Stands & Dispensing Stations

Safely dispense from IBC Totes on a platform over a 385-gallon spill containment sump. The extra depth of the dispensing platform allows clearance in the front of the IBC for attachment of dispensing valves and hoses. Combine the Dispensing Platform, Splashguard, and Dispensing Stand to create a customized storage and dispensing system. 

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Customized Storage and Dispensing System 

385-gallon sump volumes exceed EPA & UFC requirements

Accessories include:

  • Splashguard: Protect workers and surrounding areas from dangerous chemicals. 
  • Dispensing Stand: IBC Totes are elevated 20" and sloped forward 3 degrees to dispense efficiently 
  • Dispensing Platform: This 73" deep platform gives 18" of space to dispense from IBC Totes safely into containers placed on dispensing ledge to catch any leaks or drips.