Chemical Storage Drums

DENIOS offers a wide variety of drums for every requirement. Wide-necked drums are manufactured out of high-quality plastic and are ideally suited for the storage of solids and pastes. Steel drums are available in volumes of either 16 or 54 gallons. The large opening of the plastic, open top drum makes filling easier. The clamping ring protects against spillage or contamination of the contents.

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Heavy Duty - Chemical Storage Drums

Drums with a volume of 65 gallons are resistant to acids, alkalis and many abrasive chemicals. Steel open top drums are untreated on the inside and painted on the outside and are UN-approved for solid materials.

A damaged drum represents a risk and must be secured accordingly. The GHS symbol provides a first indication of how the content may affect the environment or the user. Basically, you should take no risk when securing damaged barrels. Safety barrels are designed for just this purpose.

The DENIOS range includes 65 or 95 gallons drums. Both sizes are available with screw cap or clamping ring cover. Drums offer these advantages:

  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and many other harsh chemicals
  • Large opening for easy setting of drums
  • Warning effect thanks to yellow color

Possible areas of use of safety drums are all areas in which drums are moved, stored or transported, for example in harbors, at forwarders or waste disposal companies.