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Chemical Storage Drums

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Poly and steel chemical storage drums offer ideal solutions for storing liquids and solids, ensuring spill protection and content preservation with the addition of a clamping ring.

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Chemical Storage Drums

Chemical Storage Drums

DENIOS offers diverse drums to meet all needs, including high-quality plastic wide-necked drums for solid and paste storage and steel drums in 16 or 54-gallon volumes. The plastic open-top drum's spacious opening facilitates easy filling, while the clamping ring ensures protection against spills and contamination.

Heavy Duty - Chemical Storage Drums

65-gallon drums provide acid, alkali, and abrasive chemical resistance, while steel open-top drums have untreated interiors, painted exteriors, and UN approval for solid materials.

Damaged drums pose a risk and require proper securing. The GHS symbol offers an initial indication of the potential impact on the environment or the user. It is essential to avoid any risks when handling damaged barrels; safety barrels are specifically designed for this purpose.

DENIOS offers a range of drums in sizes of 65 or 95 gallons, with options for screw caps or clamping ring covers. These drums provide the following advantages:

  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, and many other harsh chemicals

  • Large opening for easy setting of drums

  • Warning effect thanks to yellow color

Safety drums find application in various sectors where drums are handled, stored, or transported. These include harbors, freight forwarding companies, and waste disposal facilities.

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