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Spills happen. But they don't have to become significant disruptions or environmental hazards. DENIOS offers a complete line of premium absorbent solutions to tackle any spill, big or small. Our innovative Fine Fiber Sorbents provide superior absorbency and performance compared to traditional options, ensuring efficient cleanup and minimizing risks. If you have trouble selecting the appropriate absorbent material for your application, please reference our binder poster, which overviews the essential criteria for absorbent or binder selection.

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Absorbents: Keeping Your Workplace Safe and Clean

Absorbent Types: The Right Absorbent for Every Spill

Universal Absorbents: Ideal for a Variety of Liquids

DENSORB Universal Absorbents are your go-to solution for many spills, including water-based and oil-based chemicals, coolants, solvents, and emulsions. Made with high-quality materials, these absorbents effectively soak up liquids, preventing them from spreading and causing further damage.

Oil-Only Absorbents: Target-Specific Spills

For hydrocarbon-based spills like oil, petrol, or diesel, DENIOS Oil-Only Absorbents are the perfect choice. These absorbents selectively target oil while repelling water, making them ideal for cleaning up spills on water surfaces.

HazMat Absorbents: Addressing Hazardous Materials

DENIOS HazMat Absorbents are designed to handle aggressive and caustic chemicals, including acids and alkalis. Their bright yellow color is a clear warning, while their high absorbency effectively contains hazardous spills, protecting your workers and environment.

DENIOS Absorbent Products: Diverse Solutions for Every Situation

Absorbent Rolls: Versatile Spill Cleanup

DENIOS Absorbent Rolls offer a convenient and efficient way to tackle spills of various sizes and shapes. The absorbent material allows easy deployment and removal, making them an excellent choice for production areas, workshops, and warehouses.

Absorbent Socks and Booms: Containing and Confining Spills

DENSORB Absorbent Socks and Booms are ideal for preventing spills from spreading further. They are perfect for use around machinery, along waterways, or in other areas where leaks or spills are a potential concern.

Absorbent Pads and Pillows: Targeted Spill Absorption

DENSORB Absorbent Pads and Pillows provide a targeted approach to spill cleanup. These absorbent products are ideal for minor spills or leaks and can be easily disposed of once used.

DENIOS Spill Kits: Prepared for Any Spill

DENIOS Spill Kits come pre-packed with various absorbent products to ensure you have everything you need to respond to a spill quickly and effectively. These kits are available in various sizes to handle spills ranging from a few ounces to large volumes.

  • What do absorbents do? Absorbents are materials that soak up and retain liquids, preventing them from spreading and causing damage.
  • What are chemical absorbents? Chemical absorbents are specifically designed to handle hazardous and aggressive chemicals, such as acids and alkalis
  • What are five examples of absorbent materials? Common absorbent materials include polypropylene, cellulose, peat moss, and vermiculite.
  • What is an absorbent material? An absorbent material is any substance that can pick up and retain liquids.
  • Is it acceptable to mix used absorbents? No, it is generally not recommended to mix used absorbents, as different absorbents may be designed for specific types of liquids. Always refer to the disposal instructions for the specific absorbent product you are using.

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