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Hazardous Storage Sheds

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DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of chemical storage sheds, cabinets, and hazmat stations to meet indoor and outdoor storage needs. These heavy-duty solutions are designed with built-in spill containment for enhanced safety and compliance. You can choose between steel or poly sheds based on the specific requirements of your chemicals.

Our versatile storage hazardous material stations can accommodate various configurations, from 2 to 4 drums, 1 to 2 IBCs, jugs, safety cans, or small containers. With DENIOS products, you get practical access and integrated safety features, ensuring reliable storage for hazardous materials.

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We have solutions for larger space requirements, like cabinets and containers. To find out more go to 'Storage & Barriers Solutions'.

Secure and Versatile Hazardous Storage Sheds & Solutions

Exploring Chemical Storage Sheds

Efficiently managing hazardous substance storage within production areas poses challenges. DENIOS meets this need with cost-effective, space-optimized solutions like compact storage systems. Our weatherproof options ensure safety for outdoor storage of IBCs or barrels, promoting efficiency. Scale storage without heavy investments using our modular systems for flexible expansion. Tailored to large production sites, DENIOS' solutions streamline work routes and processes, ensuring safe, efficient hazardous materials storage.


Navigating the storage of hazardous substances remains a perpetual challenge, demanding optimal space utilization. This prompts essential inquiries: How can one establish cost-effective storage provisions without encroaching upon productive areas? What methods ensure safe and efficient outdoor storage for IBCs or barrels? Is there a flexible storage space expansion strategy that doesn't necessitate immediate heavy investments in a hazardous materials storage facility? Moreover, how does one effectively store hazardous substances within a sprawling production site demanding streamlined storage, work routes, and processes for maximal efficiency?

Balancing safety, efficiency, and space economy becomes pivotal when accommodating hazardous materials. The quest for solutions involves intricate considerations to safeguard personnel and the environment while adhering to regulatory compliance. Addressing these queries requires innovative, scalable, and adaptable storage solutions that harmonize with diverse operational landscapes, enabling seamless workflows and optimized space allocation within dynamic industrial settings.

Exploring Our Hazardous Storage Solutions

Depending on your specific requirements, DENIOS HazMat stations can be customized to accommodate one or multiple containers. Whether you need to store 2 or 4 drums, jugs, safety cans, or small containers, our products offer practical access and safety in a single solution.

Also known as working statins because they are perfect for shop work such as pumping and working with chemicals, our Hazmat storage stations provide a safe and secure environment for storing hazardous materials. Featuring waterproof, lockable hinged doors, they provide personnel easy access to the tops of drums and other stored chemicals for dispensing and mixing operations. When dispensing, any spills or drips are collected in the base sump that our stations include with a removable grate. Proper planning of chemical storage drums is crucial.

Remember, for acid and corrosives or primary outdoor storage, we recommend poly solutions such as a Poly Shed. Easy outdoor containment solution. Spacious storage unit capable of accommodating up to eight 55-gallon drums. Constructed from durable and UV-resistant polyethylene, this robust solution ensures long-lasting performance. features a one-piece molded frame that provides weatherproof protection, keeping your stored items safe from the elements. For enhanced security, the hinged doors of the Job Hut are lockable, offering peace of mind and preventing unauthorized access. With its reliable design and secure features, the Job Hut is an ideal solution for your outdoor storage needs.

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