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IBC and Drum Heater

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Heater blankets are a practical and cost-efficient solution for heating individual drums or IBCs. They are designed for easy use and provide adequate heating capabilities, allowing for precise temperature control when needed.

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IBC and Drum Heater

IBC and Drum Heater

DENIOS US offers practical thermotechnology solutions designed to cater to the unique requirements of different materials and production processes. These solutions are tailored to provide efficient and effective temperature control, ensuring optimal application conditions. DENIOS US understands the importance of customized preparations and offers versatile options to meet individual needs in Thermotechnology.

Ideal when you need to heat just a single drum or IBC

DENIOS offers a range of heating solutions for drums and IBCs, providing flexible and mobile heating for individual containers. The heating blankets are available in steel or silicone and are well-suited for mobile use. They are designed to heat a single drum or IBC efficiently. Additionally, DENIOS provides heating jackets for drums and IBCs in various sizes, suitable for areas at risk of explosion. These heating systems are essential for preventing frost damage, achieving optimal temperatures for removal, and further processing stored chemicals. They are also designed to meet the requirements of potentially explosive atmospheres.

Your advantages:

  • Energy-saving design

  • Control ranges from 32 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Splashproof available

  • Also, for hazardous areas

The DENIOS heating jacket utilizes a spiral-wound resistance wire heating element with a silicone insulating layer, reducing heat losses and minimizing power consumption. With a precise control range of 32 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, it provides safe and accurate heating. These jackets are constructed with water-repellent and abrasion-resistant polyamide material, featuring a polyurethane coating and high-quality insulation made of quilted glass wool. Available for both barrels and IBCs, these heating jackets require minimal storage space and can be quickly installed when needed.

A variety of heaters and blankets

  • Drum Heater Blankets

  • Gas cylinder Heater

  • IBC Heater Blanket

  • Strip Heater

  • Drum Heater Belts

  • Heating Coils

  • Drum Induction Heaters

  • Base Heaters

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