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Storage for Lithium Batteries

The danger of improper handling of lithium batteries is very high. Deep deformation, fire, chemical reactions, and, in the worst case, the explosion of batteries - every single case means danger to employees, operations and the environment. Significant financial losses and production losses can result. For over 30 years, we have been experts in safely storing dangerous goods and offer the highest fire protection (up to REI 120). Ensure maximum safety for your operations with our specialized lithium-ion battery storage containers, designed to mitigate fire risks, chemical reactions, and potential explosions, safeguarding employees and the environment. We are happy to assist you in choosing the storage room solution that best suits your needs.

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Product Description

All units are built to accommodate indoor or outdoor placement. Hinged man doors are standard, optional door sets available.

Choose between 2- or 4-hours Fire Rating.

Popular Applications:

  • Process enclosures: pumping, mixing, dispensing, paint kitchen.
  • Remote Storage: Waste collection, fuel dispensing.
  • Agricultural chemical storage: Parks and recreation, golf courses, etc.
  • Secure storage and separation: Toxic dangerous, valuable materials.
  • HazMat storage of drums handled by hand.
  • Fuel component enclosures
  • Battery testing enclosures

Proven standard worldwide

DENIOS has over 35 years of engineering experience and is represented in over 20 countries in America, Europe and Asia. Our extensive experience in hazardous goods storage includes offering lithium-ion battery storage containers with top-tier fire protection up to REI 120, minimizing the potential for financial and production losses due to mishandling.

Customized solutions through various equipment

The equipment plays a decisive role in the individual product configuration. Customize your storage solutions with add-ons like heating, ventilation, and cooling systems tailored specifically to regulate the indoor climate within our lithium-ion battery storage containers, ensuring optimal conditions for the safe storage of sensitive goods. Let our experienced experts coordinate your requirements d develop a tailor-made solution. We offer stoons to our Buildings; the most popular ones are:

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling technology for regulation of the indoor climate. Reliable air conditioning for heat or frost-sensitive goods is necessary in many industrial areas to protect stored chemicals from harmful temperature influences.

As well as ramps, lighting, and eye shower stations, among others. Ask your sales representative for further advice!

Air conditioning

Optional HVAC equipment for electrically classified interiors.


Optional HVAC equipment for electrically classified interiors.

Technical ventilation

For effective cross ventilation of the hazmat storage.

The control technology is optimally matched to DENIOS chemical buildings. It triggers an optical and acoustic alarm in case of a deviation in measured data. In addition, automatic locking or extinguishing systems are activated, for example. All information is on the operating and display elements clearly presented.

Comfort control

Modern touch panels / displays for indoor or outdoor use with high ease of use.

Dry Chem systems

Dry Chem systems provide extra safety in containers used to store flammable and non-flammable substances. DENIOS offers a wet or dry system.

Fire detectors

DENIOS fire detectors are equipped with approved multi-sensors, that detect smoke and fire quickly and reliably.

If explosion protection is needed according to your assessment, we offer you built-in components that can represent a source of sparks in an appropriate Ex version. Earthing devices (e.g. earthing rail) are optionally available for equipotential bonding.


For earthing connection inside the store. Provides the necessary equipotential bonding with an external pin as a connection.


Grounding bracket for equipotential bonding.

Gas warning equipment

Explosion-proof detector transmits LEL values. Used for preventive fire and explosion protection.

Accessories images shown are for illustration purpose. Actual accessory may vary due to available options in North America.

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Talk to our experts today!

Tell us your demand & we'll assist you all the way. Free expert assessment, on-premise or remote.

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