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Transport of hazardous substances within the company

Optimally prepare and safely carry out internal transports of hazardous substances.

This free DENIOS checklist will show you:

  • which special features should be taken into account in advance during the risk assessment?
  • how to optimally prepare internal transports of hazardous substances
  • which rules of conduct are important during transport to ensure that dangerous materials get from A to B safely?

This is important when transporting hazardous substances

Wherever the material is moved, maneuvered, or stored and retrieved, there is an increased risk of damage. However, if the material being transported is hazardous, you must deal with more severe conditions. Improper handling or damage to the container can cause uncontrolled leakage of critical substances - often with devastating consequences. We have compiled a clear list of what you should consider for safely transporting hazardous substances in our checklist. So you have the most important to-do's in view at all times.

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