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Laboratory supplies: Working safely in the laboratory

DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of laboratory safety products. This includes tried-and-tested solutions that ensure the safe handling and storage of hazardous substances in the laboratory in compliance with the law. You will also find a large selection of products for employee protection. In addition, we have many other practical items of laboratory equipment and laboratory devices in our range.

Storage of hazardous substances in the laboratory

Hazardous substances cabinets for laboratories

Hazardous substances cabinets enable the safe storage of hazardous substances in small containers within the laboratory. Depending on their properties, different substances must have additional stipulations for storage. If flammable substances are to be stored in the laboratory, a fire-resistant hazardous substances cabinet is required. This protects the stored material from a critical temperature increase in a fire. With aggressive substances, on the other hand, the laboratory hazardous materials cabinet must be corrosion-resistant. For the best use of the space in your laboratory, we offer hazardous materials cabinets in various model sizes and specifications. A practical and safe option where a range of different hazardous substances are used in our hazardous substance cabinets with partitioning.

Drip trays for laboratories

Spill trays or drip trays are perfect for storing small containers in a laboratory. You will find many spill trays in the DENIOS online shop. Our laboratory trays made of highly chemically resistant polyethylene offer long-term corrosion protection when storing aggressive liquids in the laboratory. For flammable liquids (H224-22), we offer steel laboratory drip trays. These stainless steel laboratory trays are particularly hygienic and also suitable for storing both flammable and aggressive substances. In our range, you will also find practical laboratory trays that you can use as experiment trays, display trays, or storage trays for laboratory instruments.

Shelving for small containers for laboratories

Shelving hazardous materials is an excellent space-saving option for laboratories. There are various designs, each suitable for different types of hazards, such as water-polluting substances, flammable liquids, or aggressive chemicals. Our small container shelving is available as an expandable version, either as a basic model or with add-on bays.

Handling of hazardous substances in the laboratory

Laboratory bottles and containers

Small containers are work equipment handled in laboratories daily, such as sample storage. Laboratory bottles, containers, packaging cans, and other vessels are, therefore, indispensable for laboratory equipment. At DENIOS, you benefit from a large selection of high-quality laboratory containers in various sizes and shapes - also in food-safe versions.

Filling in the laboratory: pumps, funnels and samplers

From the chemical industry to pharmaceuticals, food to university research, the transfer and filling of hazardous substances are routine in the laboratory. Laboratory pumps, funnels, or even samplers are often the laboratory equipment of choice to do these dosing tasks. In our online shop, you will find laboratory pumps with various drive systems (manual, electric, battery-powered) that are designed for smaller containers. Different funnels and samplers for liquids, solids, or viscous media are also part of the DENIOS range for filling activities in the laboratory.

Chemical binders for laboratory work

The particular version of DENSORB binders is ideal for laboratory work when using a wide range of hazardous substances. They are incredibly versatile as they can absorb dangerous liquids with different properties (acids, alkalis, and aggressive liquids). Use DENSORB non-woven bandages as absorbent underlays for laboratory work, for quick and uncomplicated cleaning of laboratory instruments, or for absorbing spilled drinks. Our tip: DENSORB Special Binding Fleeces with a liquid-permeable protective layer give reinforcement on both sides and are particularly clean and lint-free. The yellow warning color of DENSORB chemical binders indicates a potential hazard and makes the absorbed liquid visible.

Occupational safety and employee protection in the laboratory

Personal protective equipment for laboratory staff

The nature of work in laboratories means that employees often come into contact with hazardous substances. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is indispensable for complete employee protection in the laboratory. The DENIOS range of PPE supplies offers you a wide selection of security for your staff - from protective clothing to gloves and goggles to respiratory protection.

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Hazardous substance workplaces for laboratories

Hazardous substance workstations protect laboratory employees when handling chemicals and ensure compliance with workplace safety guidelines and regulations.

The high protective effect of DENIOS hazardous substance workstations is achieved by fresh air curtains (ejector technology), which are blown out at the front edge of the work surface and the ceiling. The new air curtains drive the hazardous vapors toward the rear wall, where they are extracted. The advantage: working with ejector technology means no need for a front sash. The resulting open front area enables barrier-free, efficient working.

The hazardous substance workstations are manufactured in Germany and available for USA and Canada territories; contact us for more details.

Emergency showers and eye washes

Emergency showers in laboratories are an essential piece of equipment. Regulations specifically tailored to laboratories, such as TRGS 526 "Laboratories" and the laboratory guidelines of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV Information 213-850), require the use of body and eye showers. Eye wash bottles with sterile rinsing fluid are only permissible if no running drinking water is available. Emergency showers and eye wash bottles, as well as practical combination showers for your laboratory equipment, are available from DENIOS in many different designs. Find quick, easy ordering for eye wash bottles in our shop.

Safety disposal containers

Laboratory waste, such as contaminated cleaning cloths, does not belong in standard waste. It should be put in special disposal containers. Flame-extinguishing waste containers are part of the required laboratory equipment. These containers offer adequate protection against the development of fire inside, for example, through self-closing lids and bottom ventilation. Now new: Our innovative stainless steel waste collector with an exhaust connection does not allow dangerous vapors to escape.

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